BendPak lifts have been the industry leaders for years now, and there is a good reason for this. BendPak started out with the idea of creating a product that conformed to the highest standards of quality and safety. As time passed and technology improved, BendPak incorporated that technology into improving its design. They have never stopped looking for ways to make their lifts stand out above the rest.

Where it Starts

First, the design and engineering staff of BendPak meet in Santa Paula, California to brainstorm. They look at their current designs and ask how they can make them better including what will make them last longer and be safer.

Then they take their knowledge and years of experience to implement their ideas. The ideas are sent to their state-of-the-art facilities and made into reality. Finally, they are tested to make sure the intended results are achieved. Only then is the product offered for sale to the public.

Bendpak Goes Above and Beyond in Safety

BendPak doesn’t only strive to meet industry standards, they go above these standards, especially where safety is concerned. Unlike many manufacturers, they don’t stop at “good enough” to lower their production costs.

A great example of this is how ALI/ETL lifts need to pass a 3:1 load rating test to prevent wobbling. Most manufacturers will work to make sure their lifts meet this standard and will trim away any excessive costs.

However, BendPak adds extra thick plates on its lifts to make them even more steady. This process does costs more but ensures that the lifts are sturdier than required and safety is one of BendPak’s top concerns.

Car Lift Industry Innovators

BendPak was the first to utilize slide blocks to help guide vehicles onto their lifts. Once other manufacturers saw how much more safe and efficient this technology was, they followed suit to make these slide blocks the standard choice.

The Bendpak Factory

BendPak just recently opened its third factory. This facility in California has the latest technology necessary to specialize in making lifts. BendPak is determined to concentrate on and consistently refine their best work to make it even safer.

All machinery is made from the highest-quality steel. Every employee is trained to make sure they meet quality control standards on every part produced. BendPak’s employees are held to the standards that have helped this brand reach the top: safety first, environment second, all else falls behind these two.

Bendpak Lifts for Sale

Mechanic Outlet proudly offers BendPak lifts. Contact us today to get a quality BendPak lift in your garage. Your standards are high, and we believe you deserve the best.