Dannmar, CEMB Alignment Machine and Four Post Lift D-12A Combo Kit With Jacks



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Product Description

Dannmar, CEMB Alignment Machine and Four Post Lift D-12A Combo Kit With Jacks


Multi‐caster slip plates in the rear provides precise free‐floating movement to prevent preload of the suspension during alignment procedures.
Durable front radius plates come standard and provide a fast and accurate measurement.
Multiple radius plate locations allow you to position the radius plates where best suited to providing better clearance from lift columns or lift front cross beams.
1/2″ galvanized aircraft cables for greater lifting capacity.
Equipped with a single hydraulic cylinder hidden away under the runway for maximum performance and reliability and minimum exposure to elements. Also eliminates any opportunity for vehicle door or mirror damage.
Integrated hydraulic flow restrictor provides controlled descent in the unlikely event of an unexpected hose rupture.
A durable powder coat finish can withstand harsh environments and chemical spills and will provide years of protection.
Spring‐loaded safety locks automatically engage continuously during rise.
Adjustable safety ladders allow for precise runway leveling even when installed on sloped floors. Features multiple adjustable height locking positions for variable height parking and infinite leveling.
Push‐button pneumatic lock release makes lowering operations simple and fast.
Equipped with a redundant secondary lock system acts as a slack‐cable device in the unlikely event of an unexpected cable failure.
Lifting cables, airlines, safety latches and sheaves are all fully enclosed within lift structure.
A maintenance‐free electric hydraulic power system assures ultimate dependability.
All operator controls are conveniently located within easy reach.
Large base plates provide a solid foundation.
Non‐slip runway surface provides maximum grip even when wet or oily.
Comes with 2 x  6000 pound capacity rolling jacks (model DRJ‐6) make a great addition to increase service capacity. DRJ‐6 comes equipped with a commercial grade airhydraulic pump requiring 90‐150 PSI, 10‐25 CFM.

Free 3 Year Warranty
Formerly know as Major Series™ D-12A


CEMB’s DWA 1000 total vehicle wheel alignment machine improves safety and driver comfort, reduces fuel consumption and tire wear. Comes fully assembled.


1) Grippers
2) 1 set of standard car gripper
3) Wheel Clamps 4 wheel clamps 24″
4) Sensors 4 car and light truck sensor heads
5) 23” LCD monitor
6) Laptop Computer
7) Wireless BT2 connection
8) Car and light truck software and database
9) HP Printer
10) Steering wheel holder
11) Brake pedal depressor
12) Wheel Alignment Specification Book

About the Manufacturer

CEMB was founded in 1946 by entrepreneur Luigi Buzzi. The company’s constant commitment to the development of products for balancing and vibration testing in the automotive industry. Guided by Luigi’s vision for over 50 years, the company and its valued associates have established a reputation built on trust, reliability and a long-term partnership-based approach to all facets of the balancing industry, development and operations management.
Today, CEMB USA / BL Systems Inc. continues to deliver superior balancing and vibration machines which provide the very best in reliability and accuracy. CEMB’s products seek to ensure premium returns on investment among mid-to large scale garages and car manufacturers around the globe

12,000 Lb. Capacity Alignment (D12/A, 2-DRJ-6 1-Airline kit)

Specifications: D-12/A
Lifting capacity* 12,000 lbs. / kg
*Max Capacity/ FrontAxle: 6,000 lbs. / 2722 kg
*Max Capacity / RearAxle: 6,000 lbs. / 2722 kg
A – Overall Width: 130″ / 3302 mm
B – Outside Length: 205″ / 5207 mm
C – Overall Length: 248” / 6311 mm
D – Height of Columns: 89” / 2260 mm
E – Runway Min Height: 9″ / 228 mm
F – Max Rise: 66” / 1676 mm
G – Max Lifting Height: 75” / 1905 mm
H – Width Between Columns: 116″ / 2946 mm
I – Runway Width: 20″ / 508 mm
J – Width Between Runways: (*) 43″ ‐ 51″ / 1092 mm. – 1295 mm
K – Length of Runways: 191″ / 4851 mm
L – Min. 4‐Wheel Alignment: (**) 66″
M – Max. 4‐Wheel Alignment: (**) 168″
N – Max. 2‐Wheel Alignment: (**) 175″
Min. Wheelbase @ Rated Capacity: 140″ / 3556 mm
Min. Wheelbase @ 75% Capacity: 120″ / 3048 mm
Min. Wheelbase @ 50% Capacity: 100″ / 2,540 mm
Min. Wheelbase @ 25% Capacity: 80″ / 2032 mm
Locking Positions: 13
Lock Spacing: Every 4″ / 102 mm
Lifting Time: 60 sec
Motor (***): 208‐230VAC / 60 Hz. 1Ph
Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice. It is best to confirm these specifications with a sales representative at the time of purchase.

* This dimension may be limited with the addition of rolling jacks.

** May vary depending on wheel size

*** Special Voltages available upon request.

Screw Pads with Retractable Arms

Additional Information

Lifting Capacity


Rise Time

Width Between Columns


Overall Width


Height of Columns


Length of Runways


Overall Length (including drive up ramps)


Outside Length (base plate to base plate)


Max Rise (underneath runway)