Tuxedo Computer Truck Wheel Balancer with Wheel Lift WB-448


Tuxedo WB-448 Computer Sprin Balancer is perfect for those trucking companies that operate everything from passenger cars to light trucks to over the road semi tractor/trailer rigs.
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Product Description

Tuxedo Computer Truck Wheel Balancer with Wheel Lift WB-448

The WB-448 is the perfect wheel balancer for those shops that want one balancer that can balance a 14 inch steel rim up to and including a 298 pound semi-truck tire. There are many large (32 inch) custom wheels and over-sized ” gumbo-mudders ” that can easily be balanced on the WB-448 computer wheel balancer.

  • Designed for balancing heavy truck wheels (up to 298 lbs)
  • Back saving pneumatic wheel lift standard
  • Self-calibrating and self diagnostics
  • ST, AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4 balancing methods
  • Capable of balancing a full range of wheels.Car and truck cones standard
  • Foot brake for manual stop
  • Weight storage
  • Pegs for accessories
  • Tool box standard


Tuxedo Distributors, LLC, is a leading importer of high quality automotive repair equipment manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China. Founded in 2004, we formed a strategic alliance with Kernel International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. which has been critical to our success. Having a strong Chinese partner has benefited us and our distributors with an equipment refinement and development process not found with many other Chinese vendors. This has enabled us to penetrate American markets with quality and value added automotive repair equipment in an unprecedented way.

Another unique aspect of our business model is the strategic partnerships we have formed with many of our distributors, allowing us to warehouse inventory across the country in 8 satellite locations. Our state of the art systems give us the capability to offer same day shipping from the nearest warehouse for fast freight delivery times and low freight rates, providing our distributors with an unparalleled competitive advantage. In addition, we maintain a 80,000+ sq. ft warehouse in Alvarado, Texas with a comprehensive inventory of lifts, wheel service equipment, accessories and parts and a staff of trained service technicians to provide support.

Over the last 14+ years Tuxedo has succeeded in distributing thousands of pieces of equipment that have proven the test of time for reliability, durability and customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to prove to you that the professional, dedicated team at Tuxedo is ready to deliver.

Brand: Tuxedo
Max wheel weight: 298lbs.
Balancing speed: 200 rpm
Rim diameter: 10″ – 24″
Rim width: 1 1/2″- 20″
Working pressure: 72- 116 psi
Max Wheel Diameter: 47″
Power supply : 220 vac
Shipping weight: 595 lbs.