Triumph Assist Arm Tire Changer And Automatic Data Entry Wheel Balancer Combo NTC-950-1 NTB-800


Single Assist arm tire changer with a clamping rang up to 28″. Can handle run flat and low profile tires. Increase your tire changing capabilities with this tire changer. Great for a commercial shop looking to expand to almost any tire! Our versatile automatic date entry wheel balancer handles almost any wheel.

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Product Description

The NTC-950-1 is a commercial style tire changer gives you the ability to do run flat and low profile tires with the help of the assist arm. Paired with the NTB-800 Wheel Balancer, you can service just about any vehicle that may drive up to your shop. NTC-950-1 Tire Changer opens up to 28″ and is equipped with and Assist Arm, Jet Blast Inflator System and a powerfull bead breaker system. The NTC-950-1 Tire Changer includes a metal and plastic demount head, plastic wheel clamp covers, tire iron, and lube bucket/brush.

The NTB-800 Wheel Balancer includes plastic safety hood, quick release wing nut, cone adapters, wheel weight hammer, and rim caliper. The NTB-800 has two unique features. First, it has a wheel break so you can hold the wheel in place while putting on the weights. Second, it has automatic data entry. This means that instead of needing to enter three parameters like you normal would do, you only have to enter one parameter and the machine enters the other two automatically.

Inside Clamping: 16-28″
Outside Clamping: 14-26″
Max Wheel Width: 15″
Max Tire Diameter: 43″
Bead Blast: Yes
Horse Power: 1.5 HP
Bead Breaker Force: 5,500 lbs
Max PSI: 120 PSI
Voltage: 110 Volt
Shipping Size: 51x38x51″
Shipping Weight: 820 lbs

Wheel Size: 10-28″
Max Tire Diameter: 44″
Rim Width: 1.5-20″
Max Weight: 150 lbs.
Shaft Size: 36 mm
Automatic Data Entry: No
Display: Standard or Metric
Accuracy: +/-1 Gram
Cycle Time: 6-9 Sec
Horse Power: 1/4 Horse
Voltage: 110 Volt
Assembled Size: 28x47x56″
Shipping Size: 36x28x46″
Shipping Weight: 325 lbs.


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