Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer & B-100 Wheel Balancer Combo



Like Dannmar’s other products, the T-100 Tire Changer and the B-100 Balancer will exceed your expectations. These are high-volume machines for tire shops and repair centers with a wide array of ergonomic quality-of-life design cues that make this a step ahead of the competition.

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Product Description

Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer & B-100 Wheel Balancer Combo

Tire Changers: T-100 – Item # 1381202

Dannmar’s Rim-Clamp System:
Comes with plastic rim-clamp tip accessories to save your rim from scratches. This powerful rim-clamp system also houses a bead blasting system to quickly set the bead on your rim and High-Quality Components inside of the machine houses the muscles that makes the T-100 a step ahead of the competition. Then the Powerful Bead-Breaking System will easily bust beads on stubborn tires with the powerful bead-breaking system.


Wear-Resistance Tool-Head
Steel jaw-clamp provides solid turntable base
Plastic clamp-guards on the jaw to prevent marring
Ergonomic design on the swing-arm for quality-of-life
Foot-pedals provide ease-of-use and free up your hands
Push-down tower on swing-arm provides easy adjustments to height of steel tool-head
High-torque electric turntable
Tool tray / bin storage
Wheel Clamping System: Internal/External 4 Clamps
Table Clamping System: Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
Bead Breaking System: Dual-position Blade (Pneumatic)
Inflation Gauge: Standard
Water Filter: Standard
Oiler/Lubricator: Standard
Air Regulator: Standard
Breaker Bar: Standard
Soap Lubricator Bucket with Brush: Standard
Powerful Jetblast (Through Clamps) Bead Seating System

Wheel Balancer: B-100 – Item # 1381201

Dannmar Tire Changers have been undergoing rigorous testing, engineering, QC, and real-world trials for years. Now that we have perfected our new venture, we are proud to release it to the public as a new benchmark in wheel service technology.


High-tech accelerometer sensor provides accurate results
12″ / 300mm long balancing shaft accommodates wide range of wheels, and unique aftermarket wheels with different shapes and sizes.
Standard with SUV balancing modes
Equipped with motorcycle wheel calibration modes
Truck cone / spacer ring adapter set: included standard
Wheel calipers: standard
Rear cone mount spring: standard
No-mar rear cone mount pressure cup: standard
Quick-release & mount hub nut: standard
Foot-pedal Braking System: standard
40mm diameter spindle diameter

DANNMAR Tire Changer: T-100 – Item # 1381202


Max Wheel Diameter: 50″ / 1250mm
Machine Weight: 507-lbs. / 230Kg
Rim width: 3″ – 15″ / 72mm – 381mm
Power Consumption: 0.75 – 1.1kw
Inside Clamp: 15″ – 25″ / 381mm – 635mm
Outside Clamp: 12″ – 22″ / 304mm – 558mm
RPM: 7
Power Requirement: 120/220V 1Ph / 1.5Ph
Operating Temperature: 5-40º C
Working Pressure: 8-10 Bar
Product Dimensions: 75″ H x 48″ W x 38″ L
Air Requirement: 110-175 PSI
Bead Breaker Capacity: 3″ – 14″
DANNMAR Wheel Balancer: B-100 – Item # 1381201


Max Wheel Diameter: 44″ / 1118mm
Rim width: 1.5″ – 20″ / 38 mm – 508mm
Rim Diameter: 1″ – 28″ / 25 mm – 711mm
RPM: 140
Power Supply: 100-230V 1Ph
Motor Power Consumption: 90W
Approx. Balancing Time (Seconds): 5s
Balancing Precision: Within 1 gram
Approx. Max Wheel Weight: ~150-lbs. / 70Kg

Additional Information

Type of Drive System

Electric / Air

Air Requirement

110-175 PSI

Bead Breaking System

Pneumatic Blade


Single Swing Arm

Internal Rim Clamping Capacity

15" – 25"

External Rim Clamping Capacity

12" – 22"

Bead Seating System

Bead seating inflation jets in clamping jaws

Maximum Tire Diameter


Power Requirment

120/220V 1Ph / 1.5Ph

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