Stratus Tire Changer, Computer Spin Balancer Combo 4900A, 3096AG2


Stratus Semi-Automatic side swing arm Tire Changer. Computer Spin Balancer Economy Combo set.

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Product Description

Stratus Tire Changer, Computer Spin Balancer Combo 4900A, 3096AG2

    Tire Changer SAE-4900A

    • Tire changer for low profile tire
    • Semi-Automatic side swing arm
    • Change place for special wide low profile tire
    • Durable mainframe for long service life
    • With self-centering function
    • Adjustable mount/demount head
    • Bead breaker for car and motorcycle
    • Mounting head angle is made to be adjustable to suit for rim with different size
    • CE certified
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • Color: Graphite Grey (RAL 7024)

      Standard Parts

  • 2pcs Plastic Inserts
  • 4pcs Jaw Protection
  • Plastic Bead Breaker Protection
  • Crowbar
  • Air Inflation Gun
  • Filter Regulator
  • Soap Reservoir
  • Bead Clamp

      Wheel Balancer SAE-3096AG2

      • Automatic input of distance rim/machine and rim diameter
      • Input width via keys
      • DYN mode for standard rim, 3 ALU modes for alloy rims or special shaped rim, statistic mode for motorcycle rim, and OPT mode for optimization
      • Pluggable position pick up board
      • SP and hidden weight mode
      • Self diagnoses, easy to find the problem
      • Optional Pedal-operated main shaft lock
      • Optional motorcycle adaptor
      • Hood included
      • CE certified
      • EMC certified
      • 1 year limited warrant
      • Color: Granite Grey (RAL 7026)
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    Stratus Tire Changer, Computer Spin Balancer Combo 4900A, 3096AG2
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Tire Changer SAE-4900A

Technical Specification

  • Max Wheel Diameter: 45”
  • Max Wheel Width: 16″
  • Internal Clamp: 14-26”
  • External Clamp: 12-24″
  • Motorcycle Clamp: 9″-24″
  • Motor Power: 1.5 HP
  • Power: 110 V
  • Air Supply: 8-10 Bar
  • Rotation Speed: 6 rpm
  • Bead Breaker Force: 5511 lbs
  • Noise Level: <70 dB
  • Shipping Weight: 618 lbs
  • Package Size: 43″L * 35″W * 36″H

    Wheel Balancer SAE-3096AG2

      Technical Specification

  • Rim Width: 1.5″-20”
  • Rim Diameter: 10″-24″
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 39″
  • Max Wheel Weight: 143 lbs
  • Motor Power: 0.268 HP
  • Power Supply: 110 V
  • Balance Speed: 200 rpm
  • Balance Accuracy: +/- 0.035 ounce
  • Noise Level: <70 dB
  • Shipping Weight: 265 lbs
  • Package Size: 27″L * 24″W * 35″H

Additional Information

Weight 883 lbs

SAE-4900A Electric/Pneumatic Tire Changer


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