Ranger Wheel Balancer 3D, Quick-Touch Laser-Spot LS43B


A laser line clearly indicates both outboard and inboard weight placements for incredible balances within hundredths of an ounce. Wheels that are laser-balanced will drive like new!

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Product Description

Ranger Wheel Balancer 3D, Quick-Touch Laser-Spot LS43B

Features & Specs

  • Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy settings
  • Multi-user save function holds presets to increase productivity
  • Ergonomic control board and easy-to-read LED display
  • A simultaneous retrieval of static, dynamic and ALU1\ALU2\ALU3 data
  • Automatic rolling wheel parameter setting feature saves time, minimizes errors
  • Low-RPM balancing speed
  • Rapid 7-second cycle time
  • Automatic braking
  • Gram/ounce selection and millimeter/inch selection
  • Automatic round-off with top-dead-center weight position indicator
  • Tiered weight placement indicators help identify out-of-sight position weight placement (such as split-weight or hidden “behind-the-spoke” techniques)
  • Manual or automatic start when hood is lowered
  • Self-calibration function
  • High-volume top weight tray and side shelf storage gives you room to inventory a wide variety of wheel weights and tools
  • Newly designed side shelf features an open-top design that accommodates Ranger Quick-Peel™ adhesive tape weight convenient bulk rolls
  • Precision-machined, hardened-steel 36 mm shaft
  • Quick-release hub nut for dramatically reduced set-up times
  • Side-position brake hold wheels at precisely 12-o’clock for proper weight placement
  • Side cone storage pegs keeps accessories readily available
  • “Open-side” hood design allows for a broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes


Laser-Spot Accuracy

Lasers are increasingly being used in high-volume shops because they speed up weight placements by eliminating any second-guessing. This also means the balance check you perform after placing the inboard and outboard weights will almost always be clean. The fewer weights you use, the better your bottom line. Plus, customers will enjoy long-lasting balances that make their rides feel like new again.

Highly precise digital sensor technology

Our highly accurate Digital Sensor Technology features a 16-digit digital signal processor and single-chip technology that increases productivity and offers unprecedented speed and accuracy—especially when using sophisticated balance and weight placement techniques required for newer high-tech OEM and aftermarket wheels.

Multi-directional quartz piezoelectric load sensors

Dual-component piezoelectric quartz load sensors and digital rotation encoder measure longitudinal, transversal and shear effects for multi-directional force unbalance detection. The piezoelectric force sensors are the most sensitive sensors we have ever made, offering superior stability and fatigue resistance for unlimited service life with your wheel balancer. The high-rigidity quartz crystal sensors offer high frequency detection in all three measured directions.

Quick and precise setup

Multi-size center cones and a full rubber perimeter no-mar “Quick-Nut” bell adapter makes mounting wheels fast and easy and minimizes the risk of costly wheel damage.

Mounting cone package

The LS43B tooling package not only includes our standard car and light truck cones, as well as a heavy-duty truck cone and spacer ring. This well-equipped package includes three automotive and light truck cones: 1.75” – 2.75”, 2.75” – 3.50” and 3.50” – 4.25”, as well as one truck cone 4.50” – 5.00”.

Tape weight feeder

An open-top side shelf accommodates a large roll of Ranger Quick-Peel™ adhesive tape weights. Additional weights are available for purchase at any time.

Automatic weight optimization

The LS43B automatically calculates the minimum amount of weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for the tire and wheel configuration, so you use less weight. This adds up to real savings and increases your bottom line.

User-friendly operation

An anti-reflective, touch-pad display panel features tire and wheel assembly graphics that help simplify the speedy entry of wheel data. It efficiently guides techs through each balancing procedure. Operator function keys are labeled with simple, easy-to-read icons to help operators identify and command all balancing functions.

LED rolling wheel weight displays

Bright LED weight placement indicators show weight positions as the wheel is gently rolled to exact top-dead-center. Tiered weight placement indicators help identify out-of-sight weight placement such as split-weight or hidden “behind-the-spoke” techniques. Aids with clip-on and tape weight placement at precise locations for zero-on balancing every time.

Wheel weight starter kit

A free kit of wheel weights is included with your brand new LS43B wheel balancer. Each unit’s starter kit contains one bulk roll of 100 silver adhesive steel tape weights, one bulk roll of 100 black adhesive steel tape weights and one starter box of mixed clip-on steel weights. It’s our way of getting you off on the right foot. Additional Ranger wheel weights are available for purchase at any time.

Style: Auto & Light Truck
Data Entry
Data Entry: Automatic
Maximum tire diameter, 47″ (1,194 mm)
Max tire weight 145 lbs. (65 kg)
Max. wheel diameter, 10″ – 30″ (254 mm – 672 mm)
Wheel width capacity, 2″ – 18″ (51 mm – 457 mm)
Balancing increments, 0.25 or 0.01 oz.
Balancing speed 180 RPM
Accuracy, +/- 1 gram (.035 oz.)
Working temperature, 27°F (-5°C) – 82°F (50°C)
Drive system, Belt Drive
Balancing modes, Dynamic / Static / 3-Alloy
Top positioning weight locator, Standard
Inside & outside measuring, Standard
Millimeter / inches selection, Standard
Ounce / gram selection, Standard
Wheel offset distance setting, Manual
Self-calibration function, Standard
Auto start, Standard
Wheel spin braking, Automatic / Electronic
Wheel holding manual brake pedal, Standard
Centering cones included, 3 Standard / 1 truck
Wheel calipers, Standard
Rear cone mount spring, Standard
No-mar rear cone mount pressure cup, Standard
Quick-release & mount hub nut, Standard

Additional Information

Weight 450 lbs


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