Ranger Tire Changer Dynamic Wheel Balancer Combo R980XR DST2420


R980XR NEXTGEN™ Swing-Arm 25″ Tire Changer

It’s a high productivity tire machine perfectly suited for large-volume tire shops and repair centers. A host of innovations make the new NextGen™ series, R980XR one of the most durable, and ergonomically engineered tire changers ever.

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DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer

The highly accurate DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer dependably ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, so you can give your clients vibration-free wheel balance every time. You keep them rolling, we keep your business rolling.

DST2420 Catalog Sheet
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Product Description

Ranger Tire Changer Dynamic Wheel Balancer Combo R980XR DST2420

Ranger R980XR:

New high-torque electric turntable
Ranger Tire Changer Dynamic Wheel Balancer Combo R980XR DST2420, drive features increased speed and reversible direction for quicker tire removal and installation. Controlled speed gives low profile and run-flat beads time to relax to reduce the risk of tire damage.

Improved electric motor
Ranger Tire Changer Dynamic Wheel Balancer Combo R980XR DST2420 features the best of proven technologies, including rugged copper rotor construction, stronger high-quality ball bearings, thermal-cool epoxy insulation, and durable rolled steel frames. All motors are 110-208/240V and 50-60 hertz capable.

Up front controls
Ranger Tire Changer Dynamic Wheel Balancer Combo R980XR DST2420 is a sensible ergonomic design provide ease of use and more efficient operation.

Durable, hardened steel
adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps can accommodate wheels from 9” up to 30” and feature internal and external multi‐teeth jaws with vertical mounting bolts that make replacement fast and simple.

Ranger DST2420:

DST2420 automatically calculates
the exact weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for almost every tire and wheel configuration on the planet and brightly displayed LED’s mark the exact amount and location in just six seconds. A full-menu of time saving features that includes Dynamic, Static, and Performance Alloy settings allow you to balance OEM wheel configurations and performance wheels with minimal effort and speed.

Digital Sensor Technology
Our highly accurate Digital Sensor Technology features a 16-digit digital signal processor and single-chip technology that increases productivity and offers unprecedented speed and accuracy–especially when using sophisticated balance and weight placement techniques required for newer high-tech OEM and aftermarket wheels.

Quick and Precise Set-Up
Multi-size center cones and a full rubber perimeter no-mar “Quick-Nut” bell adapter makes mounting wheels fast and easy and minimizes the risk of costly wheel damage.

Mounting Cone Package
The DST2420 tooling package not only includes our standard car and light truck cones, but a heavy-duty truck cone and spacer ring as well. This well equipped package includes three automotive and light truck cones; 1.75” – 2.75”, 2.75” – 3.50”, and 3.50” – 4.25”, and one truck cone 4.50” – 5.00”.

Tape Weight Feeder
Newly designed side shelf features an open-top design that accommodates Ranger Quick-Peel™ adhesive tape weight convenient bulk rolls.

Weight Optimization
The DST242000 automatically calculates the minimum amount of weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for the tire and wheel configuration so you use less weight which adds up to real savings and increases your bottom line.

Ranger R980XR/DST2420 NEXTGEN™ Swing-Arm 25″ Tire Changer, Dynamic Wheel Balancer Combo


Type of Drive System Electric / Air
Motor Model R980XR
2 HP (110/208-240VAC 50-60 HZ)
Air Requirement 140-165 PSI (10-11 BAR)
Wheel Clamping Method: (Adjustable Clamps) 4 Clamps – Internal / External
Table Clamping System: Dual Pneumatic Cylinders
Bead Breaking System: Pneumatic Blade / Dual Settings
Power Assist Towers: None
Tool Holder: Manual Lock
Inflation Gauge With Integrated Air Dump Valve Standard
Inflation Pressure Regulator/Limiter Standard
Water Filter Standard
Oiler / Lubricator Standard
Air Regulator Standard
Breaker Bar Standard
Large Soap / Lubricator Bucket Standard
Brush Standard
Alloy-Steel Mount/Demount Head Standard
Plastic-Polymer Mount/Demount Head Standard
Tower Design Rigid Fixed / Swing Arm
Bead Lifting Roller(s) None
Upper Bead Assist Roller None
Traveling Drop-Center Hold Down Device None
Inflation Restraint Device None
Bead Seating System: Turbo Blast / Bead Seating
Tool Tray / Bin Storage: Standard
Motorcycle Turntable Clamps: Optional
Internal Rim Clamping Capacity: 10″ – 30” ( 254 mm – 762 mm)
External Rim Clamping Capacity: 9″ – 28″ (229 mm – 711 mm)
Turntable Tire Width Capacity (Mounting): 4″ – 18″ (102 mm – 457 mm)
Bead Breaker Tire Width Capacity (Demounting): 1.5″ – 16″ (38 mm – 406 mm)
Maximum Tire Diameter: 50″ (1270 mm)
Shipping Weight 742 lbs. (336 Kg) / 751 lbs. (341 Kg)


Motor: 1.5 hp / 110V/220V 50/60HZ 1Ph..
Working temperature: -5C/27F – 50C/82F
Drive system: belt drive
Cycle time: 6 – 9 seconds (avg.)
Balancing modes: dynamic / static / 3-alloy
Top positioning weight locator: standard
Inside & outside measuring: standard
Millimeter / inches selection: standard
Ounce / gram selection: standard
Wheel offset distance setting: manual
Self-calibration function: standard
Auto start when hood is lowered: standard
Wheel spin braking: automatic / electronic
Wheel holding manual brake pedal: standard
Centering cones included: 3 standard / 1 truck
Truck cone / spacer ring adapter set: included standard
Wheel calipers: standard
Rear cone mount spring: standard
No-mar rear cone mount pressure cup: standard
Quick-release & mount hub nut: standard
Maximum tire diameter: 47″ / 1,194 mm
Max tire weight: 145 pounds (65 kg)
Max. wheel diameter: 10″ – 30″ / 254 mm – 672 mm
Wheel width capacity: 2″ – 18″ / 51 mm – 457 mm
Balancing increments: 0.25 or 0.01 oz
Balancing speed: 180 rpm
Accuracy: +/- 1 gram / .035 oz
Resolution (round off mode): 0.01 ounce, 1.4°
Shipping weight: 398 lbs. / 181 kg

Additional Information

Type of Drive System

Electric / Air

Air Requirement

140-165 PSI (10-11 BAR)

Bead Breaking System

Pneumatic Blade


Single Swing Arm

Internal Rim Clamping Capacity

10" – 30”

External Rim Clamping Capacity

9" – 28"

Bead Seating System

Turbo Blast / Bead Seating

Maximum Tire Diameter


Power Requirment

2 HP (110/208-240VAC 50-60 HZ)


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