Hofmann geoliner® Wireless Imaging Wheel Alignment System 790


The Hofmann geoliner 790 Wireless Imaging Wheel Alignment System provides flexible installation, usage and mobility options. Patented digital camera tracking automatically adjusts to the height of the vehicle. Productivity enhancing software: automated caster sweep, help videos, rolling radius, cross diagonal, A-arm adjust and EZ-TOE. Hardware and advanced design: Automatic vehicle height tracking, drive through configuration, wireless communication and high mobility.

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Product Description


Versatile, Accurate Hardware
Wireless Communication – eliminates connections between the camera towers and the cabinet to ease mobility and provides a variety of installation configuration. Continous third camera calibration provides accurate readings and reliable alignment results.

Speed and Productivity
Automatic Vehicle Height Tracking – the camera system follows the height of the vehicle, eliminating the need to adjust the aligner when you move the lift. Get readings in less than two minutes on a wide variety of vehicles and wheel sizes. Comprehensive vehicle specification database with frequent updates ensures you always have the information to do the job right

Automatic Caster Sweep
System automatically detects when the steering wheel is turned and initiates the caster sweep function saving teim and eliminating error.

Help Video
View detailed videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks

Rolling Radius*
Identify mismatched tire sizes – a potential cause of vehicle pulling and drive train damage. Back to Features

Cross Diagonal*
Identify frame or structural issues before alignment adjustments are made.

A-Arm Adjust
Compound meter provides visual reference for simultaneous caster and camber adjustment for vehicles with adjustable control arms.

Cradle Adjust
Compund meter provides visual reference for simultaneous SAI and caster adjustment for vehicles with front sub-frames/cradles.

Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings.

Secure Clamping Without Touching the Rim
Only the tire is contacted. Clutch limited clamping force ensures accurate and repeatable results. Durable and lightweight magnesium construction.

Fast and Easy to Use
Clamping is accomplished with a single fast-action knob. No accessories needed to accomodate the full range of tire sizes. Large, comfortable handle allows ergonomic use. XD targets are lighter and take up less space than previous designs.

Tire Diameter: 19″ – 39″ (48.3cm – 99.1cm)
Track Width: 48″ – 96″ (122cm – 244cm)
Wheel Base: 79″ – 180″ (201cm – 457cm)
Shipping Weight: 501 lbs (227kg)
Power Requirements: 100-240V 1 Ph 50/60Hz
UL201, C22.2, CE Approved


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