COATS Rim Clamp Tire Changer, Assist Arm, Electric Motor 70X-EH3


Advanced Features and a Best-in-Class External Clamping Range

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Product Description

COATS Rim Clamp Tire Changer, Assist Arm, Electric Motor 70X-EH3


Patented Robo-Arm® Helper Device
Device assists in efficiently changing low profile or run flat tires.

Single Point Sealer
This feature concentrates air flow to seal the beads more efficiently and eliminates excessive maintenance.

Hybrid Duckhead®Mount/Demount Tool
The Coats Hybrid Duckhead® mount/demount tool combines the advantages of the traditional plastic and metal mount/demount heads into a no compromise device.

COATS Rim Clamp Tire Changer, Assist Arm, Electric Motor 70X-EH3
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  • Wheel Handled Alloy and Steel for Car and Light Truck
  • Rim Diameter 6″ – 24″ External
  • Maximum Tire Diameter 50″ Max
  • Maximum Rim Width 14″ Max
  • Bead Loosening System Hand or Foot Control, Up to 14″ Wide
  • Wheel Clamping System 4 Clamps, Air Cylinder Operated
  • Mount/Demount, Mechanism, Swings Away for Better Access and, Durability
  • Helper Devices Robo-Arm® (18″ of Automated Vertical Stroke)
  • Bead Seating Air Volume 5.4 Gallons in Tower
  • Inflation Gauge 0 – 60 psi
  • Air Supply Gauge 0 – 300 psi
  • Air Drive System 1.5 HP Air Motor, 110 – 175 psi, 15 scfm (Air Model Only)
  • Electric Drive System 1 HP Electric Motor, 115 V, 60 Hz,15amp (Electric Model Only)
  • Footprint 49″w x 48″d x 85″h
  • Ship Weight 700 lbs.
  • Warranty 3 Year Parts, 6 Months Labor
  • Part Number Air Hand Model: 80070XAH3
  • Electric Hand Model: 80070XEH3
  • Air Foot Model: 80070XAF3
  • Electric Foot Model: 80070XEF3

Tire Changer, electric motor, assist arm, 6″ – 24″ external Grip Max clamping, 50″ tire, 14″ width, tower storage, Hand Bead Breaker, Premium Kit with 5609077 Bead Depressor, 3 Duckheads & Single Point Bead Blast

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Weight 700 lbs


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