COATS Rim Clamp Tire Changer Air Motor, Hand Bead Breaker 60XAH-1


Advanced Features and a Best-in-Class External Clamping Range

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Product Description

COATS Rim Clamp Tire Changer Air Motor, Hand Bead Breaker 60XAH-1

Patented Robo-Arm® Helper Device:
The Coats® patented Robo-Arm® cylinder is in line with the piston, allowing direct articulation to maximize power.

Hand Activated Bead Loosener:
The Bead Loosener offers point of use controls to the technician, providing direct line of site, reducing the risk of wheel damage.

Single Point Sealer:
This feature concentrates air flow to seal the beads more efficiently and eliminates excessive maintenance.

Oil Injection System:
Direct injection more effectively distributes oil to the moving components, ensuring better lubrication to reduce wear and lengthen life expectancy.

  • Wheel Handled Alloy and Steel for Car and Light Truck
  • Rim Diameter, 6″ – 24″ External
  • Maximum Tire Diameter, 50″ Max
  • Maximum Rim Width, 14″ Max
  • Bead Loosening System Hand Control, Up to 14″ Wide
  • Wheel Clamping System 4 Clamps, Air Cylinder Operated
  • Mount/Demount Mechanism, Swings Away for Better Access and Durability
  • Helper Devices Robo-Arm® (18″ of Automated Vertical Stroke)
  • Bead Seating Air Volume, 5.4 Gallons in Tower
  • Inflation Gauge, 0 – 60 psi
  • Air Supply Gauge, 0 – 300 psi
  • Air Drive System 1.5 HP Air Motor, 110 – 175 psi, 15 scfm(Air Model Only)
  • Electric Drive System 1 HP Electric Motor, 115 V, 60 Hz,15amp(Electric Model Only)
  • Footprint, 49″w x 48″d x 85″h
  • Ship Weight, 700 lbs.
  • Warranty, 3 Year Parts, 6 Months Labor
  • Part Number Air Model: 80060XAH1

Additional Information

Weight 750 lbs
Electric Drive System P/N 80060XEH1

1HP Electric Motor, 115 V, 60 Hz, 15amp
(Electric Model Only)

Wheel Handled

Alloy & Steel, Car & Light Truck

Bead Loosening System

Hand Control, Up to 14” Wide

Wheel Clamping Method

Four Clamps, Air Cylinder Operated

External Rim Diameter

6" – 24"

Bead Seating System

Bead seating inflation jet

Maximum Tire Diameter


Water Filter/Lubricator or Oil Injector

Oil Injector


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