CEMB Fully Automatic Laser Wheel Balancer with Diagnostic Center ER100


ER100 is the only machine which can measure in 6 seconds and without any intervention of the operator dimensions, unbalance, wheel and rim runout, tread depth and conicity.

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Product Description

• Fully automatic data entry 3D by means of lasers
• Automatically positions the wheel at the weight placement location
• LED to light the work space inside the rim
• Full-time accuracy with Static unbalance always displayed on screen
• Automatic complete diagnostic of rim, tire and wheel assembly
• Automatic ZERO WEIGHT Lift
• Pneumatic locking
• Fully automatic Spotter Laser System for best correction possible
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• Industrial touch screen
• Full size printer
• Comes fully assembled
• Made in Italy

ER100 is the only machine which can measure in 6 seconds and
without any intervention of the operator:

– Dimensions data entry
– Unbalance readings
– Wheel Runout
– Rim Runout
– Tread Depth
– Tire Conicity to identify vehicle pulls
– Direct matching between the tire and rim to reduce the Runout

Pneumatic Sleeve: Reverse mounting cup with no mar-ring + Pressure ring
Cup + Press. Ring
Cones: 4 cones covering hole sizes 1.69in 43mm to 5.2in 132mm
Caliper: Rim width gauge for measuring wheel width
Shaft: 40mm pneumatic shaft
Weight Pliers: Can be used as balanced weight hammer, cutting pliers for trimming wheel weights, and puller to remove the old wheel weights
Test Weight
Shaft Tool: Tool to lock/unlock the shaft
Lasers Cal.T.: Tool to calibrate the lasers
Conicity Cal.T.: Tool to calibrate the conicity
Storage: 7 pegs for adaptors storage
Wheel Guard
Pneumatic Lock.
DC Motor: DC motor positions automatically the wheel into the correct position
Lasers: Laser for automatic dimensions readings 3D, runout, conicity, weight positioning
LED: LED to light the working space inside of the rim

Power Supply: 110VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph *
Balancing Speed: < 100 rpm * Balancing Accuracy: < 0.1 oz * Average Cycle Time: 5 seconds * Rim Diameter Capacity: 10in - 30in * Rim Width Capacity: 1.5in - 20in * Max. Wheel Weight: 165 lbs * Max. Tire Diameter: 40in * Operating Temperature: 32 - 113°F * Shaft Size: 40 mm * Operating Pressure: 7-10 bar * Gross Ship. Weight: 650 lbs 295 Kg

Additional Information

Weight 650 lbs


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