Atlas® RJ-6 Rolling Air/Hydraulic Center Jack 6,000 Lbs. Capacity and Truck Adapters


The Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jack.

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Product Description

Atlas® RJ-6 Rolling Air/Hydraulic Center Jack 6,000 Lbs

Product Code: #ATTD-RJ-6

The Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jack is the perfect accessory for either the Atlas® 12 AWFSL or Atlas® 12 ASL alignment racks. The Atlas® RJ-6 (6,000 lbs. capacity) air/hydraulic rolling jack may also be used on competitive scissor lifts and four post lifts that have welded rails on the inside of the runways. Please click here to determine if the Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jack will fit your lift.

The “wheels free” system that is built into many of the Atlas® scissor lifts is designed to reach and lift most vehicles. Some customers like to use the rolling jacks to lift either the front or the rear of the vehicle at one time.

Whether you are fan of the Atlas® “wheels free” system or enjoy the versatility offered by the rolling jacks, Greg Smith Equipment has the solution for you. Many customers buy the alignment racks with the “wheels free” option and also buy one or two of the Atlas® RJ-6 rolling jacks so they are prepared for any vehicle that needs wheel service.

Important: The Atlas® RJ-6 is designed and engineered to operate on “delivered” air pressure of between 70-105 PSI. If you exceed 105 PSI, you may damage your jack.

  • Air/Hydraulic
  • 6,000 LB. capacity
  • Heavy duty / commercial grade
  • Scissor mechanism allows for level lifting
  • Compact size with a low profile
  • Stack on truck adapters included
  • Safety lock positions
  • Smooth rolling action
  • Adapter storage
  • Powder coated finish
  • Shipping Dimensions: 36″ x 19″ x 17″
  • Shipping Weight: 350 LBS.

About the Manufacturer

The team behind the Atlas® Automotive Equipment brand has spent years developing a line of products that combine the best value of quality and price. Atlas® brand products are some of the most respected and well known in the automotive equipment Industry and can be found in many countries throughout the world.

Whether you run a multi bay repair facility or are just looking for quality equipment for your home garage, our goal is to take the guess work out of choosing the proper equipment. Our dedicated commitment to customer service, backed by a brand you can trust, makes Atlas® the best choice for all of your automotive equipment.

Atlas® RJ-6 Rolling Jack Specifications
Maximum Width 64 1/2″
Maximum Working Width 31 1/2″ – 49 1/2″
Minimum Width 30 1/2″
Distance Between Runway Capability:

First Locking Position 7 1/4″
Second Locking Position 15″
Minimum Pad Height 3 1/2″
Maximum Lifting Height 17 5/8″
Maximum Capacity 6,000 LB.
Recommended Operating Pressure (PSI) 70-105 PSI
Shipping Weight 350 LBS.

Additional Information

Lifting Capacity


Inside Columns

94 1/2″ (7™’ 10 1/2″)

Overall Width (Without Motor)

104 1/2” (8™’ 8 1/2”)

Height of Columns

83″ (6′ 11″)

Length of Runways


Overall Length (including drive up ramps)

206 3/4” (17’™ 2 3/4”)

Outside Length (base plate to base plate)


Max Rise (underneath runway)


Inside Width Between Cables

90 1/2"

Runway Length

165 1/2" (13' 9 1/2 ")