SK Hand Tools Krome Metric Combination Wrenches 23 Piece SKT86225


SK Professional Tools are premium quality, precision-crafted automotive tools. All S-K Hand Tool products are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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SK Hand Tools Krome Metric Combination Wrenches 23 Piece SKT86225

    23 piece set is made in the U.S.A., featuring SK’s high polish SuperKrome® finish, which protects the tools from the harsh working environments found in today’s workplace. The SureGrip® wrenching design on wrench box ends drives the side of the hex of the fastener, not the corner, to increase torque and avoid edge breakage, especially on rusted or damaged fasteners. Box ends are also countersunk to help lead the wrench over fastener heads. The open end is angled 15 degrees for greater access. The box end design features a 15 degree offset head, which provides useful clearance and a smooth arc radius design for improved strength and durability. Handle edges are rounded for improved gripping and increased user comfort.

        • SuperKrome® finish provides long life and maximum corrosion resistance
        • SureGrip® hex design drives the side of the fastener, not the corner
        • Feature a thicker shank and rounded edges for improved gripping and increased comfort
        • Made in the U.S.A.
        • Lifetime warranty

        SK Professional Tools was founded in the early 1900s as the Sherman-Klove Company by Mason H. Sherman and Noah Grover Klove. In the early days, we specialized in contract work, producing tools and parts for other companies. After a brief period producing munitions and mortar shell casings during WWI, we returned to our true love and what still drives us today – manufacturing quality tools for the American tradesman. From the original Round-Headed Ratchet to the new SK X-FRAME® Ratcheting Wrench, we’ve been innovating for the American tradesman since day one.

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            SK Hand Tools Krome Metric Combination Wrenches 23 Piece SKT86225
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    Set includes: 12 point SuperKrome® Combination Wrenches 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 27mm, 29mm, 30mm and 32mm.