Raytek RAYMT6 Mini Infrared Laser Thermometer


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Product Description

Diagnose problems faster and more easily with the Raytek MiniTemp MT6 infrared (IR) thermometer. Portable IR thermometers have become an indispensable tool for automotive troubleshooting and diagnosis. Spot cooling system faults, identify engine misfires, check for proper A/C performance, verify catalytic converter operation and much more. The laser point sighting on the MT6 unit helps to direct measurements toward the target, and the large backlit display shows both the current and maximum readings simultaneously. With a protective boot for added durability, award winning ergonomic design and Raytek quality and accuracy, the MT6 model is the perfect introduction to infrared temperature measurements in automotive diagnostics.

• Durable and compact design
• Simple to use
• Laser point sighting
• Large, easy-to-read display
• Instant current and max readings
• Temperature range: -30º to 500ºC (-20º to 932ºF)