Tail Bone Rough Rider Mechanics Creeper Seat BNE5131R


The Tail Bone Rough Rider is a totally new approach to creeper seats, designed from scratch to be easier to use and more comfortable.

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Product Description

Tail Bone Rough Rider Mechanics Creeper Seat BNE5131R

  • 100% made in USA
  • 450 lb. capacity
  • Wide base will provides outstanding stability
  • Big 5 inch wheels and casters allow this creeper seat to be used in less than perfect real world locations
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with extra wide saddle

The Tail Bone Rough Rider uses the casters from the Bone Rough Rider Creeper, which are 5 3/8-inch diameter and 1 3/8-inch wide, perfect for using outdoors in less than perfect circumstances. It also has an extra inch of ground clearance over the standard Tail Bone! The bucket seat works just like the ones in high performance vehicles, it lets you use your natural body movements and trunk strength to position yourself and the stool exactly where you can do the job at hand comfortably and easily. Work without fear! The Tail Bone just rolls over obstacles that trip and tip ordinary little wheel stools.

The super comfortable bucket seat is shaped and sized for real-world people, so it’s not like trying to perch on a padded poke in the butt! The 100% American casters are our own design, expressly for use on creepers and carts used in auto shops, and are a combination of materials and design features not found on any other creeper wheels anywhere! The seat and the base are molded of the same tough engineering grade polymer that’s used for the famously durable Bone creepers. They’re smooth, impact resistant, impervious to oil, cleaners and common solvents and easy to clean.

Tail Bones are 100% Made in America, designed with American ingenuity, built with quality American materials and parts brought together by American workers! The Tail Bone Rough Rider’s huge 5 3/8-inch casters let it roll over all sorts of obstacles, from floor drains, broken floors, nuts and bolts, even air hoses! Limited lifetime warranty on the wheels, limited one year warranty on the body.

The Bone Creeper to be used with this lift MaxJax.

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Weight 16.5 lbs


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