Belair Electric Compressor 80 Gallon 7.5hp IMCQP318VLE


It comes complete with everything you need to optimize your work and minimize downtime.

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Product Description

This Belair Electric Compressor 80 Gallon 7.5hp IMCQP318VLE, is an Elit-e model, it has the low noise of a rotary screw compressor with the value of a piston compressor. It comes complete with everything you need to optimize your work and minimize downtime. Includes a full 2 year warranty.

  • Magnetic Starter
  • Low oil switch and automatic tank drain
  • Triple-pass pump mounted after-cooler
  • Start-stop pressure switch
  • ASME safety valves fully enclosed belt guard
Stratus Belair Electric Compressor 80 Gallon 7.5hp IMCQP318VLE
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  • ACFM 25.3 @ 100
  • Horsepower 7.5 hp
  • CFM Disp 32.5
  • Tank Style Vertical
  • Voltage 208-230V
  • Tank size 80 gallon
  • Controls Magnetic Starter/Start Stop Switch Control/Quiet Piston/Low Oil Switch
  • Item Air Compressor
  • Max PSI 175 psi


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