Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork Package 24 in x 8 in DW24PKG


Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork Package

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Product Description

Paint Booth Exhaust Ductwork Package 24 in x 8 in DW24PKG

We have the paint booths accessories that you need, including paint booth exhaust kits. Paint booth exhaust duct kits transfer the exhaust fumes out of the building, as required by NFPA 33 guidelines. Standard Tools and Equipment can provide you with an exhaust duct kit for your booth, allowing you to vent the exhaust air out through the roof of your building. The duct kit is made of 20-gage galvanized steel. Most codes require that 6-feet of duct work exist above the roof penetration point. The ducting diameter will vary depending on the size of the exhaust fan provided with your paint booth. The kit will need to be assembled on-site. If shipped with your booth, you will not be responsible for any additional shipping costs.
Our Exhaust duct kits include:

  • Two (2) 4′ long sections of duct
  • A butterfly style weather head (to keep out rain and snow)
  • Roof curb (specify flat or pitched style when ordering)
  • Fan angle ring
  • Roof sleeve with rain collar
  • Installation manual
  • Extra 4-foot sections are available for purchase for taller building installations. $55

Additional Information

Weight 250 lbs