Tuxedo Scissor Frame Rack Machine, Frame Straitener FR-55


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Product Description

Tuxedo Scissor Frame Rack Machine, Frame Straitener FR-55

The FR-55 incorporates a 10-ton multi-angle/adjustable height pull tower with 360 degree pulling capability. Along with adjustable height clamping assemblies and universal positioning swivel arms & lift pads. Come standard with a pull chain with hook and wheel stands.

The FR-55 Scissor Lift & Frame Rack is a unique, high quality, compact frame straightening machine with the versatility of an automotive lift designed to service full-frame or uni-body type vehicles with its 5,500 lb. lifting capacity.


  • Universal positioning swivel lifting arms for full service
  • Adjustable height pinch weld clamp assemblies and lift pads
  • 4 wheel support benches to simplify clamp set-up
  • 10 ton heavy-duty post with single point locking and multi-angle, 360 degree pulling
  • 5,500 lb lifting capacity
  • Portable console cabinet with remote ‘hand held’ pendant for single point operation
  • Available tool board and tool and clamp kit

Over ALL Length Length, ,123 5/8″
Over ALL Length Length with Pulling Tower, ,174 1/4″
Deck Width, ,37″
Lowered Height, ,4 3/4″
Raised Height, ,63″
Tower Pulling Force, ,10 Ton
Hydraulic Pressure, :10,000 PSI
Required Air Pressure, ,100 – 120 PSI
Lifting Capacity, :5,500 lbs.
Power Requirements, ,220VAC / 20A / Single Phase
Shipping Weight, :3,105 lbs.