Dannmar Asymmetric Clearfloor Two Post Lift Narrow 10,000 lb Capacity D-10AC


The D-10/AC is sturdy, clean and reliable. Count on The D-10/AC to provide you with a safe and simple 2 post lift that will get the job done without hassle.

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Full Description

Dannmar Asymmetric Clearfloor Two Post Lift Narrow D-10AC

The D-10/AC is ALI / ETL Certified.This asymmetric two-post lift is expertly designed- built with strength and rugged durability in mind. The D-10/AC is a 10,000 poundasymmetric vehicle lift that is specifically designed with posts that are rotated inward by 30 degrees. This allows the vehicle to be off-set back farther, to providegreater access to technicians for moving in and out of the vehicle. In addition, this lift works perfectly in shallow repair bays or areas wherespace is at a premium.

The D-10/AC will out-perform others in its class at a highly affordable cost. Everything from the “Dura-Glide” polyethylene load bearings, to the heavy duty 3/8″ equalizer cable have been carefully chosen for long lasting operation.

The 10/AC’s equalizer cable is 3/8 inch thick, to ensure long-lasting and durable service. Each column includes safety locks that are 3 inches apart; protecting the safety of the technician and the vehicle being lifted.

Single-Point Safety Release
For conveniently releasing the safety locks from one side of the lift. The safety locks are in each column, spaced 3″ apart. This many locking points ensures that you will find a comfortable working height, and it also is a huge step in becoming ALI approved for lift safety.

Dual-Synchro Equalization System
Our unique dual-synchro equalization system haults any side from lifting faster than the other. This ensures that the safety locks will be engaged at the same time, and also makes sure that both arms are lifted evenly at all times – reducing stress on many lift components. We purposely manufacture the columns using single-piece construction for added strength and less fatigue under heavy load conditions.

Heavy-Duty Steel Cable Sheaves
The sheaves used to keep the aircraft-quality cables in line are made from heavy-duty steel, and with a 3″ diameter, these are not your regular run-of-the-mill cable sheaves.

Automatic Arm Restraints
These arm restraints lock automatically as soon as the lift is engaged. Seizing any horizontal arm movement once elevated. Just another step in lift safety.

1) 10,000 lbs lifting capacity
2) Wide or narrow configuration
3) Specifically designed with posts that are rotated in 30 degrees to offset the vehicle center point back for ease of entry into the vehicle
4) Narrow space saving design works perfectly in almost any sized repair bay
5) Equalization system maintains equal lifting
6) Maintenance-free polyethylene load bearings
7) Single-piece columns for added strength
8) Dual hydraulic cylinders combined with “direct-drive” lifting system provides 2-to-1 lifting speed and rugged dependability
9) Comes standard with truck and van adapter set
10) Includes detailed installation and maintenance instructions, graphic safety and maintenance decals and safety instruction placard guidelines.
11) Oversize column base plates provide strong support
12) Safety locks in each column spaced every three inches
13) Heavy-duty 3/8″ equalizer cables


Lifting Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
Style: Asymetric/Narrow/Clearfloor Overall
Height: 145″/3683mm
Overall Width (Outside Baseplate): 130 1/2″/3315mm
Overall Width (Outside Column): 123 1/2″/3137mm
Width Between Columnn: 99 3/4″/2533mm
Minimum Arm Reach (Front): 25 1/2″/651mm
Maximum Arm Reach (Front): 39.7″/1009mm
Minimum Arm Reach (Rear): 40.3″/1024mm
Maximum Arm Reach (Rear): 58″/1474mm
Minimum Pad Height: 4 1/2″/114mm
Max Rise (Clearance under Arm): 69″/1753mm
Max Lifting Height (Pad Only): 73″/1854mm
Max Lifting Height (Pad and 6″ Adaptor): 79″/2006mm
Drive Thru Clearance (Floor): 87.5″/2222mm
Lifting Time: 45 Seconds Motor: 208-230V 1PH 30Amp
Concrete Requirements: 4″ Steel
Reinforced 3000psi
Ceiling Height Installation Requirement: 12′ 4″
Oil Type: ATF-4 Transmission Fluid

Additional Information

Weight 1800 lbs
Lifting Capacity

Min. Pad Height



Overall Height


Rise Time

Width Between Columns

99 3/4"

Overall Width (Outside of Columns)

123 1/2"

Overall Width (Outside of Base plates)

130 1/2"