BendPak Open Center Mid Rise Car Lift MDS-6LP 6,000 lb

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The BendPak MDS-6LP Open Center Mid Rise Car Lift offers a state-of-the-art compact lifting experience. Shop today & receive this 6,000lb capable lift with FREE SHIPPING!

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BendPak Open Center Mid Rise Car Lift MDS-6LP 6,000 lb

Middle-of-the-Road in Height, Top-of-the-Line in Design
When it’s time to add some much needed versatility and productivity to your professional shop or home garage, your first stop should always be a BendPak car lift. Our 6,000-lb. capacity mid-rise scissor lifts are designed to fit nicely into narrower bays and won’t take up much of your precious floor space. Thanks to the small footprints, even shops that don’t suffer from small work areas will benefit from their ability to be placed just about anywhere without getting in the way.

The MDS-6 series revolution
We’re not just talking a big game; we’re offering the only true open-center mid-rise car lift in the world. Our competition leaves
obstructing cross bars on their designs they claim to be open-center, so we’re confused by the trickery of their marketing. If it’s
completely open-center, it must be a BendPak MDS-6 series car lift.

Stronger lift from a collapsed positionCar lifts in the MDS-6 series have a pivoting “kicker” mechanism that helps lift low ground-clearance vehicles. Scissor lifts in general have poor mechanical advantage when fully lowered. They have no lifting force until the frame rises a few inches. It’s like having booster rockets for the first six inches of upward movement.

    • Add or remove ramps at your leisure
    • Solid steel scissor frame support bars
    • Dual master hydraulic cylinder
    • Solid‐steel safety lock bars
    • Convenient stainless‐steel pneumatic cylinders
    • A push‐button safety lock release system
    • Hinge-point features Zerk grease fittings
    • Durable, cushioned rubber contact blocks
    • Three locking positions
    • Detailed installation and maintenance instructions
  • Lifting capacity: 6,000 lbs. / 2,722 kg
  • Lifting height less lift blocks: 36.6″ / 930 mm
  • Lifting height with lift blocks: 38.1″ / 968.5 mm
  • Lift Platform Dimensions: 19″ x 78.7″ / 484 mm x 2,000 mm
  • Width Between Platforms: 40″ to 46″ / 1,018 mm to 1,168 mm
  • Overall Width: 19″ / 484 mm
  • Overall Length: 104.3″ / 2,650 mm
  • Lowered Height: 4.3″ / 110 mm
  • Lifting time: 35 sec
  • Motor: 110–220 VAC / 60 HZ / 1 Phase

Design, materials, and specifications shown here are subject to change without notice.

Note: An air supply (minimum 50 psi / 10 CFM) is required for the safety-lock mechanisms to disengage. It is solely your responsibility to install and maintain the air supply.

Common Features on all mid-rise lift models:

Add or remove ramps at your leisure
Converting your low-rise lift to a flush-mount design is now easier than ever. The ramps attach directly to the platform, so converting your MDS-6 series features ramps attached to the base frame. This makes it easy to work on elevated vehicles, especially in the wheel well area. The approach ramps have slotted receivers and simply drop into place. They can be easily removed by lifting upward.

Solid steel scissor frame support bars
Four support bars make for the strongest mid-rise lifts in their class. Whether you’re looking for just wheel and brake service, open-access to your vehicle’s undercarriage or a flush-mount design, we have that lift frame that’s right for you.

Dual master hydraulic cylinder
A hydraulic cylinder with built-in flow divider ensures a safe, even lift and descent with every use. This is important, especially on mid-rise lifts where the frames are separate, because it would otherwise be impossible to get a perfect lift each time. Even single-platform lifts require an equal balance of pressure to prevent vehicle tipping and ensure pressure is evenly applied by the vehicle across the lift platform.

Solid‐steel safety lock bars
Safety arms engage automatically during ascent, a crucial safety feature that essentially makes lift failure impossible. The safety arms are over-engineered withstand unlikely worst-case emergency situations. Even if you lose complete hydraulic fluid pressure due to a leak or hose rupture, the safety arms won’t budge an inch.

Convenient stainless‐steel pneumatic cylinders
Rather than fit our mid-rise lifts with spring releases, we’ve installed lighter air cylinders that simultaneously release the safety locks during descent with a simple push of a button. (NOTE: Requires min. 50 PSI, 10‐CFM air source at time of installation.) The cylinders are easy to maintain and provide an absolutely safe and controlled descent with each use.

A push‐button safety lock release system
The operator controls are located away from the lift and allow safe deactivation of the locks without the need to push or pull cumbersome release bars or lock release handles. The lift functionality is already perfected by our engineers, so for your convenience, all you need to down is press the button, and your car lift fully descends in seconds flat. We couldn’t have made it any easier.

Hinge-point features Zerk grease fittings
Our Zerk fittings feed lubrication at critical wear areas, which is essential for not only the longevity of your lift, but the low-maintenance guarantee that we built our reputation on. Our mid-rise lifts don’t need much service for the many years you will own them.

Durable, cushioned rubber contact blocks
Durable rubber blocks come standard with our mid-rise car lifts. They’re not like the rubber blocks and flimsy rubber pads you’re accustomed to seeing: these blocks are robust, textured for better hold and safe to use on virtually every vehicle type.

Three locking positions
Three lock positions give technicians greater versatility to work at different working heights. Whether you prefer to work lower on a floor creeper or lean back on a mid-level shop seat. Plus, if you’re detailing or doing wheel service, the full extension may not be preferable. Whatever height you prefer, mid-rise lifts offer greater undercarriage access without sacrificing portability.

Detailed installation and maintenance instructions
Included with every lift are graphic safety decals, maintenance decals, vehicle lifting point guide and a safety instruction placard to train personnel on proper safety procedures and maintenance guidelines. We highly recommend you learn the safety features, warnings, do’s, don’ts, etc. FRONT-TO-BACK before installing or operating your mid-rise lift.


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