Dannmar D-10 / ACX Asymmetric Clearfloor Two Post Lift 10,000 lb Capacity

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The Brigadier D-10/ACX is ALI / ETL Certified. A tru asymmetric 2 post lift, the posts are rotated 30 degrees and spaced further apart giving you the ability to open car doors without the dents.

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1 review for Dannmar D-10 / ACX Asymmetric Clearfloor Two Post Lift 10,000 lb Capacity

  1. Terry Miracle (verified owner)

    This lift is solid. It allows for plenty of room for door to open for egress of vehicle. I have used it for my jeep, blazer and my classic coupe.
    Dammar lifts has made it a pleasure to work on my cars again.

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Product Description


Automatic Arm Restraints
These arm restraints lock automatically as soon as the lift is engaged. Seizing any horizontal arm movement once elevated. Just another step in lift safety.

Automatic Shut-Off Bar
A heavy-duty steel, padded safety shutoff bar automatically stops the lifting mechanism if a vehicle touches the top of the lift. Saving you from thousands in potential damage to the car and lift.

Over-Sized Baseplates
Every Dannmar 2-Post Lift comes standard with over-sized baseplates to completely hault any back and forth sway; and greatly reduce fatigue on concrete. The bigger the footprint, the more safe the lift becomes.

Heavy-Duty Steel Cable Sheaves
The sheaves used to keep the aircraft-quality cables in line are made from heavy-duty steel, and with a 3″ diameter, these are not your regular run-of-the-mill cable sheaves.

UHMW Slide-Block Load Bearings
We use ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene load bearings to protect the inside of the columns, increasing the longevity of the lifting mechanisms, and providing years of smooth, no snag, lifting.

Single-Point Safety Release
For conveniently releasing the safety locks from one side of the lift. The safety locks are in each column, spaced 3″ apart. This many locking points ensures that you will find a comfortable working height, and it also is a huge step in becoming ALI approved for lift safety.

Dual-Synchro Equalization System
Our unique dual-synchro equalization system haults any side from lifting faster than the other. This ensures that the safety locks will be engaged at the same time, and also makes sure that both arms are lifted evenly at all times – reducing stress on many lift components. We purposely manufacture the columns using single-piece construction for added strength and less fatigue under heavy load conditions.

Clear Floor Workability
The clear-floor convenience of the D-10 series lifts is just another feature directed towards the end-user. It allows for oil drains, tool boxes, transmission jacks, and many other useful pieces of equipment to be unobstructed under the lift. Making your job just that much easier.

Specifications: Brigadier 10ACX
Lifting capacity: 10,000 lbs. / 4546 kg
Style: Wide Asymetric
Overall Height: 145″ / 3683 mm
Overall Width: (Outside of Base plates) 143 ½”
Overall Width: (Outside of Columns) 136 ½”
Width Between: Columns 112 ¾”
Minimum Reach: (Front Arm) 29.3″ / 744 mm
Maximum Reach: (Front Arm) 43.7″ / 1110 mm
Minimum Reach: (Rear Arm) 40.3″ / 1024 mm
Maximum Reach: (Rear Arm) 58″ / 1474 mm
Minimum Pad Height: 4-1/2″ / 114 mm
Rise: 69″ / 1753 mm
Maximum Lifting Height: (Pad Only) 73″ / 1854 mm
Maximum Lifting Height: (Pad & 6″ Adapter) 79″ / 2007 mm
Ceiling Height Installation Requirement: 12′ 4″
Drive Thru Clearance: 100 ½”
Motor: 220 VAC 60Hz. 1Ph
Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice. It is best to confirm these specifications with a sales representative at the time of purchase.

Additional Information

Weight 1800 lbs
Lifting Capacity

10,000 lbs.

Min. Pad / Lowered Height



Overall Height


Lifting Height


Rise Time

50 sec.

Width Between Columns

112 3/4"

Overall Width (Outside of Columns)

136 1/2"

Overall Width (Outside of Base plates)

143 1/2"