Challenger Symmetric Heavy Duty Two Post Lift 12,000 lb E12


Challenger Lifts E12 Symmetric, Adjustable Height 2 Post Car Lift Heavy-Duty two stage arms enable Heavy-Duty symmetric lifting, up to 3,000 lb. per arm.

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Product Description

Challenger Symmetric Heavy Duty Two Post Lift 12,000 lb E12

The Challenger Symmetric Heavy Duty Two Post Lift 12,000 lb E12 provides symmetric lifting capability, maximum room to work underneath vehicles and room to grow. Its adjustable height accommodates higher profile vehicles and provides ample headroom for day to day servicing.

NEW to E12 is optional 2′ column height truck lift extensions that accommodate even higher profile vehicles. Must order both E12 2 post vehicle lift and Part # E12EH2 for new lift purchases or E12EH2 (pop up of E12EH2 col ext.) for addition of 2′ height extension to an existing E12 truck lift. . Includes (2) height extensions, hose extension kit and new cables.

Other features of these 2 post lifts include Heavy Duty 2-stage telescoping arms, automatic arm restraints, rubber protective door guards, single point mechanical lock release system and padded overhead shut off system. E12 two post auto lift comes standard with Part# 10315 Stack Adapter Extension Kit and #10318 Four Frame Engaging Truck Adapters, necessary for lifting trucks and other vehicles with framed construction.

Challenger Symmetric Heavy Duty Two Post Lift 12,000 lb E12
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Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs.
Arms 2-stage front/2-stage rear
Lifting Configuration Symmetric
Rise Height 77.75”
Overall Height 166”/175”
2’ Height Extension Available ?
Overall Width 139.75”
Drive-Thru Clearance 103”
Floor to Overhead Switch 159.5”/168.5”
Minimum Arm Reach 35.75”
Maximum Arm Reach 54.5”
Screw Pad Height 5.25”-6.75”
Inside Columns 115”
Ceiling Height Required 167”/176”
Motor / Voltage 2HP, 208v – 230v
Speed of Rise 61 s
ALI/ETL Certified ?
Colors Available Red, Blue

    Challenger’s E12 is the perfect economic 2-post lift for servicing trucks and other vehicles up to 12,000 lbs. Heavy-duty 2-stage front and 2-stage rear arms offer symmetric lifting capability. Also, adjustable column height accommodates higher profile vehicles while providing ample servicing headroom. The E12 comes standards with stack adapters. Accommodate higher profile vehicles with optional 2 foot column extensions.

Additional Information

Lifting Capacity

12,000 lbs.

Min. Pad / Lowered Height



Lifting Height


Rise Time

45 sec.

Overall Height

166", 175"