BendPak Mid Rise Scissor Lift MD-6XP


BENDPAK: MD-6XP 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Mid-Rise, Frame Lift, Portable

You haven’t experienced state-of-the-art portable lifting convenience until you’ve used the BendPak MD-6XP mid-rise scissor lift. This 6,000-lb. capable car lift comes loaded with adjustable arm assemblies, a safety lock bar with multiple lock positions and a free set of truck adapters. Let the MD-6XP car lift take your service capabilities to new heights.

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BENDPAK: MD-6XP 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Mid-Rise, Frame Lift, Portable

When it’s time to add some much needed versatility and productivity to your professional shop or home garage, your first stop should always be a BendPak car lift. This BendPak MD-6XP is a mighty 6,000-lb. capable mid-rise scissor lift that’s designed to fit nicely into narrower bays and won’t take up your precious floor space. Thanks to the small footprint, even shops that don’t suffer from small work areas will benefit from the MD-6XP’s ability to be placed just about anywhere without getting in the way. This state-of-the-art scissor car lift comes well-equipped with adjustable arm assemblies and an all-important multi-position safety lock bar to give your lifting jobs the dynamic flexibility necessary for the best possible result. Easily and reliably adjust your lift to any secure position.

The true benefit of the MD-6XP, however, is its perfect portability. The MD-6XP scissor lift features a portable power unit and cart, so wherever you need a lift is where the MD-6XP car lift will be. And since it is designed specifically to engage a vehicle’s frame, the MD-6XP offers its users a seamless lifting experience, regardless of whether you’re servicing a car or a light truck. That’s why you should always bet on BendPak for increased durability, safety and productivity. Comparable quality or value cannot be found anywhere else—whether they’re two-post car lifts, four-post car lifts or space-saving scissor lifts, BendPak always beats the rest.

All MD-6XP mid-rise scissor car lifts come with a free set of truck adapters. It’s just another way that BendPak is here to maximize your garage’s full potential.

*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201.

Lifting capacity: 6,000 lbs. / 2,724 kg
Max lifting height without adapters: 48″ / 1,219 mm
Lowered height: 4-3/4″ / 121 mm
Lifting time: 45 sec
Motor: 115/208-230 VAC / 50/60 Hz. 1Ph*
Shipping weight: 852 lbs. / 387 kg
Shipping dimensions: 84″ x 41″ x 27″ / 2,134 mm x 1,041 mm x 686 mm

* Motor is dual voltage. Will be shipped wired low voltage. If 208/230-volt operation is required, the motor will have to be re-wired according to the wiring diagram found on the motor data plate. Special voltages available upon request. The design, material and specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201.

6,000-lb. lifting capacity
Perfect for servicing light-duty trucks and cars
Portable motor cart serves as tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay
Adjustable arm assemblies
Safety lock bar with multiple lock positions
Fast and efficient operation
Truck adapters included free of charge

Additional Information

Lifting Capacity


Rise Time

Shipping dimensions

84" x 41" x 27"

Lowered height

4 3/4"


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