BendPak Low-Rise Lift, Open-Center, Pit-Style P9000F


P-9000F 9,000 Lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Open-Center, Pit-Style

Expand your service capabilities with a 9,000-lb. capacity pit-style, open-center, low-rise lift. With a dual-approach design, and an electric-hydraulic power system with a hands-free safety system, BendPak pit-style lifts represent optimum convenience and versatility for any garage or lube shop.

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Product Description

Specifically designed and engineered for fast-paced auto shop environments, as well as quick oil-change facilities and home garages of any size, the P-9000 or P-9000F is easily mounted on hard flooring or installed recessed (subsurface) in concrete floors; typically over quick-lube service pits. Convert ordinary lube pits into full wheel-service bays, and make wheel rotations and brake service a natural addition to your service capabilities. Add thousands of dollars to your profit line every month with these revolutionary pit-lifts that are loaded with standard features, including a commercial-duty 1-1/2 HP electric-hydraulic power unit, dual hydraulic cylinders, precision flow-divider, simple push-button controls and remote pneumatic safety locks. Not in the oil-change business? No problem! The P-9000 works equally great as an open-center shop or DIY lift. Install it in your home garage and transform your car port into a modern and appealing vehicle service workspace. Recess it below grade and impress your neighbors with a garage lift that magically appears then stows out of the way keeping your drive lanes free and unobstructed. Installation materials, hydraulic hoses and mounting hardware are included with each unit.

An optional lift arm kit increases versatility by increasing the contact pad reach. Features adjustable arms with stackable contact pad adapters for fast, easy and safe lifting of vehicles using manufacturer-designated lift points. With 9,000 lbs. lifting capacity, these rugged lifts will easily handle virtually every automobile, light truck and SUV. Plus, the clear-center design of both the P-9000 and P-9000F installs over your existing pit without interfering with your lube bay opening.

P-9000F Low-Rise Lift, Pit-Style Lift, Open-Center Design, Flush-Mount
Lifting capacity: 9,000 lbs. / 4,082 kg
Lifting Height (Less Lift Blocks): 23.3” / 592 mm
Lifting Height (With 3” Lift Blocks): 26.3” / 668 mm
Overall Lift Platform Length: 58.5” / 1,484 mm
Overall Lift Platform Width: 24” / 610 mm
Overall Length: 74.4” / 1,890 mm
Lowered Height: 3.15” / 80 mm
Lifting Time: 35 sec
Power Unit / Motor (*): 35 sec
Speed of rise: 55 seconds
Standard motor (**): 1.5 HP/110-220 VAC/60 Hz/1Ph
*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by **ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201.

9,000-lb. lifting capacity
Easily convert fast-lube pits into wheel service work bays
Mounts outside the pit rail without interfering with center work area
Model P-9000F flush-mount model provides recessed drive-over option
Heavy duty 1-1/2 HP electric-hydraulic power unit
Electronic push-button controls allow smooth, single-hand operation
Automatic multi-position safety locks with air release deliver safe, remote operation
Powder-coat finish
Durable rubber-topped pad surface and rubber lift blocks provide quick set-up
ALI-Certified to meet strict industry and government standards

Additional Information

Lifting Capacity


Rise Time

Overall Lift Platform Length

58 1/2"

Overall Lift Platform Width


Lowered height


Overall length


Lifting Height (Less Lift Blocks)



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