Atlas Two Post Car Lift Extra Tall 10,000 LB. Capacity PV10HPX


The Atlas® PV-10P and Atlas® PV-10HP are capable of lifting a vehicle a full 79″.

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Product Description

Atlas Two Post Car Lift Extra Tall 10,000 LB. Capacity PV10HPX

The Atlas® PV series represents the absolute best value for the customer who demands a heavy duty professional grade two post lift at the lowest possible price. Atlas® has been manufacturing the PV series two post above ground lifts for over a decade. Thousands sold! Descriptions such as “bullet-proof”, built like a brick outhouse, tougher than nails, and other such euphemistic phrases are used every day to describe any of the Atlas® PV series models. GET SERIOUS…GET ATLAS®

Atlas Two Post Car Lift Extra Tall 10,000 LB. Capacity PV10HPX includes a two foot extension kit ( longer hydraulic hoses, longer aircraft quality cables, taller beam extensions) that extend the height of the overhead beam (which connects both columns) an additional two feet. (24 inches) Please remember that you must have a ceiling height of fourteen (14) feet to install the Atlas® PV-10HP above ground lift.

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Capacity 10,000 LB.
Overall Height 166″ (13′ 10″), 170″ (14′ 2″)
Overall Width 137 1/2″ (11′ 5 1/2″), 137 1/2″ (11′ 5 1/2″)
Height To Shut Off Bar 160″ (13′ 4″), 164″ (13′ 8″)
Outside Column to Outside Column 125″ (10′ 5″), 125″ (10′ 5″)
Maximum Lift Height(With Adapters) 82″ (6′ 10″)
Maximum Lift Height(Without Adapters) 71 1/2″ (5′ 11 1/2″)
Minimum Arm Height 4 1/2″
Between Columns 110″ (9′ 2″) 110″ (9′ 2″)
Column Size 14 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
Column Thickness of Steel 6mm
Carriage Thickeness of Steel 6mm
Arms Thickness of Steel 6mm
Drive Thru Symmetric/Asymmetric Configuration 96″ (8′),90″ (7′ 6″) 96″ (8′),90″ (7′ 6″)
Base of Lift 17 1/2″ x 20 1/2″
Cable Diameter .375″
Cylinder Diameter 2.4″
Motor/Electrical Requirement 3 HP 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) single (1) phase.
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement 3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight 2,150LB

Additional Information

Weight 2150 lbs