Atlas Alignment Runway Kit Standard Four Post Lift 9K to 14K


Standard Runway Alignment Kit. Bolt on for permanent use or remove when not in use.

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Product Description

Atlas Alignment Runway Kit Standard Four Post Lift 9K to 14K

  • Atlas Alignment Slip Plate Kit includes a set of heavy duty ball bearing slip plates with the necessary set of on/off approach ramps, turntable ramps, and stop plates.
  • Atlas Alignment Slip Plate Kit can be permanently attached (bolted) or temporarily installed (not bolted) on your four post lift.
  • Atlas Alignment Slip Plate Kit may also be used on any level surface (i.e. concrete floor) to facilitate the use of your four wheel or two wheel computer alignment system.
Atlas Alignment Runway Kit Standard Four Post Lift 9K to 14K
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This alignment kit is designed to fit all standard 9K, 12K, and 14K Four Post Lifts with minimum 19″ wide runways. This wheel alignment kit provides the necessary rear slip plates, turnplate pockets to convert your standard four-post lift into an economical solution for performing two and four-wheel alignments.

  • 4-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase
  • Maximum 155 in.
    Minimum 94 in.

  • 2-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase
  • Maximum 163 in.
    Minimum 88 in.

  • Compatible with a variety of four post above ground lifts.
  • 2 Wheel Stops
  • 2 Rear Slip Plates
  • 6 Ramps

Additional Information

Weight 555 lbs