Rotary Short Symmetric Clear Floor Heavy Duty Two Post Lift SPO12TA-LC


The Rotary SPO12 sets the standard for reliability and quality in 12,000 lb. lifts.

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Product Description

Rotary Short Symmetric Clear Floor Heavy Duty Two Post Lift SPO12TA-LC

More dealers and independent repair shops choose the Rotary SPO12 because of its reputation for quality and reliability. With a standard feature set that can’t be beat, it’s easy to see why.  Every SPO12 comes standard with our exclusive single piece “double S” column, front and rear three stage arms, stackable thread-up truck adapters and Rotary piece of mind.  Customizable features include low ceiling or extended height settings. Or choose to supercharge your lift with Shockwave.
  •  Standard front & rear three-stage arms
  •  Truck adapters with stackable inserts for added reach
  •  Available in alternate height configurations
  •  ALI Gold Certified (SPO12X)
  • This surface-mounted, frame-contact lift is ideal for plumbing trucks, electrician vehicles, and other commercial fleet applications, featuring front and rear 3-stage arms with TRUCK adapters.
  • Rotary’s new 3-stage arms allow for an increase in overall arm sweep and minimum arm reach to precisely lift vehicles that have a primarily Uni-body construction, visually-marked OE designated pick-up points on the vehicle, or a wider stance and lower profile, accommodating vehicles with short and long wheelbases.
  • This low-ceiling lift has the same height as a standard SPO10 with the width and capacity of an SPO12, designed for garages that desire a 12,000lbs. lift but dont have the required 14′ ceiling height.
  • This lift features a 78″ rise and requires only 11′ 8″ of overhead clearance for installation (2′ lower than standard SPO12 lifts), operating on 220V 20-amp single-phase electric with a recommended bay size of 12′ x 26′



For nearly 90 years Rotary Lift® has been the recognized leader in vehicle lifts. This legendary reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market.

A vehicle lift is the centerpiece of most service and repair bays. As an integral part of vehicle maintenance and repair tasks, it is used more times every day than just about any other piece of shop equipment. The market’s need for a lift product that they can trust has led to more Rotary Lift products used in vehicle repair shops throughout the world than any other brand.

With an uncompromising commitment to product quality, testing and safety, Rotary is the world’s most trusted lift. A founding member of the Automotive Lift Institute, Rotary is also the only US lift manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Specification: SPO12
Capacity: 12,000 lbs.
Rise: 80 1/4″
Overall Height: 11′ 8″
Required Ceiling Height: 12′
Overall Width: 11′ 5 5/8″
Drive-Thru Width: 8′ 6 3/8″
Front Arm Min/Max: 27 1/2″-59″
Rear Arm Min/Max: 27 1/2″-59″
Min. Adapter Height: 4 3/4″
Motor: 2 HP
Voltage 208v-230v
Time of Full Rise/Decent: 60 secs./40 secs.
Min. Bay Size: 12’x26′