Launch Asymmetrical or Symmetrical Two Post Lift 9,000 lb, TLT240SC


The TLT240SC is a 9,000lb. commercial grade two post, asymmetric clear floor automotive lift with automatic overhead shut off and telescoping lift pads. Another affordably priced commercial grade two post lift from Launch Auto Lifts.

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Product Description

Launch Asymmetrical or Symmetrical Two Post Lift 9,000 lb, TLT240SC

The Launch TLT240SC 9,000lb, Two Post lift is a commercial grade, asymmetrical clear floor lift with adjustable width and the ability to install rotated asymmetric (turned column) or standard asymmetric (straight column). The TLT240SC three stage short arms, two stage long arms, 4.3” min. pad height and versatile design allows easy lifting of passenger cars and light pickup trucks. Dual point lock release and durable chain driven cylinders make the TLT240SC a great choice for the professional shop or the car enthusiast. At Launch, we provide unmatched support and availability for our complete product line of automotive lifts.

  • 9,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Can be installed as Asymmetrically (POST OFF SET 30 degrees) or Symmetrical lifting style.
  • Chain Drive
  • Adjustable Column Width – Provides extra 6″ of width adjustment for narrow service bays to custom fit your shop
  • Rubber Door Guards – Provides added security against door damage.
  • Hose Guards – Protects hydraulic hoses from damage
  • Stackable Foot Pad Extensions – Extra tall applications are no problem with the four 3.5″ extensions
  • Dual Point Lock Release – Allows technicians to disengage both column locks independently
  • Heavy-Duty Arm Restraint System – Oversize rugged steel gears, pins, and springs for trouble free operation
  • Double Telescoping Screw Pads – Used with rubber pads offering 2.5″ adjustment for complete vehicle coverage
  • 3 Stage front arms


Model Number

Lift Capacity*

9,000 lbs.
Overall Height
Width Overall w/Power Unit
Symmetric: 134″
Asymmetric: 140″
Max. Lift Height
Width Between Columns
Min. Pad Height
Drive Thru Clearance
Symmetric: 98″
Asymmetric: 95″
Lifting Speed
50 Seconds
Clear Floor/Floor Plate
Floor Plate
Clear Floor
Arm Reach – min/max
31.5″ – 47″
Narrow Bay Setting
Deduct 5.9″
Max Load Per Arm
2,250 lbs
Cable Diameter
Column Size
11.34″ x 7.5″
Column Steel Thickness
6 mm
Carriage Steel Thickness
6 mm
Arm Steel Thickness
6mm, 8mm
208-230 Volt/60hz./Single Phase
Shipping Weight
1,380 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
Ship Dimensions
113″L x 21-1/2″W x 43″H
110″L x 24″W X 48″H

Additional Information

Lifting Capacity

9,000 lbs.