Making sure your automotive lift is plumb is crucial to proper operation. If your automotive lift is out of plumb can create a hazardous situation and increase wear and tear on the internal operating components. This video will show you how to properly shim automotive lifts. You will need to have checked your concrete depth and installed your anchors prior to checking plumb.

  1. After you drill and install the anchors for your posts you will want to use a 4 foot level to check plumb to see where you need to shim
  2. If you have a new lift you should have some shims that come from the manufacturer. If you don’t have shims please give us a call and we can get some sent to you.
  3. Once your post is close to plumb you will want to torque your bolts to manufacturer specifications using a proper torque wrench.
  4. After torquing check your plumb again since the post can shift. You may need to back the nuts off and add or remove shims and re-torque.



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