Quality Parking Lifts & the Difference in Safety Features

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Let’s talk about home garage and industrial garage parking solutions. Whether you’re the owner of a public parking structure or just want to get the most storage out of your garage, BendPak has a selection of premium auto stacker parking lifts to truly maximize your work space.

When you have a garage that typically holds two or three vehicles but you find yourself needing to park four, five or six vehicles, it is time for a parking lift.

As with all BendPak product, safety and durability are the primary concern, parking lifts feature automatically engaging spring-actuated locks, plenty of hard-working muscle for busy garages and ergonomic operator controls for superior easy-of use. BendPak’s parking lifts feature independently operated platforms, eliminating the time-consuming car shuffle to get that one vehicle you want. BendPak platform parking lifts eliminate columns between platforms.


BendPak Parking Lifts

BendPak four post lifts have a convenient push-button pneumatic safety lock control that releases all four independent safety locks simultaneously. The spring-loaded safety locks automatically engage continuously as the lift is raised. For added safety, a secondary lock system acts as a slack-cable device to engage in the unlikely event of cable failure. View BendPak Lifts…

Dannmar Parking LiftsDannmar-D-7

Dannmar four post lifts have a pull-lever safety lock control that releases all four safety locks simultaneously, ensuring even weight distribution while lowering. Equipped with multiple height locking positions for parking convenience and has visible locking system for added security.
View Dannmar Lifts…


Titan Parking Lifts

Titan four post lifts have an easy operation lock handle that is located by the power unit minimizing any bending or squatting. Heavy duty multiple position locking mechanism and enclosed carriage arms to ensure maximum safety. View Titan Lifts…


Triumph four post lifts have a single point lock release with automatic locking that engage at different locking positions as you raise the vehicle.View Triumph Lifts…

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