Oil Drains

Having a quality rolling oil drain pan is one of the most important aspect in keeping your garage clean and tidy. Shop our wide selection of drain pans today and be sure to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING options.

We know that every shop needs a high-quality oil drain or transfer system in order to keep your shop both clean and up to spec on waste oil removal. These portable drain systems come in various configurations based on the speed of your jobs and what you need from an oil removal/delivery system. We only carry oil drains from trusted brands like Dannmar, Ranger, Triumph, Lincoln Lubrication and John Dow so all you need to worry about is which one is right for you. All are designed to maintain balance and roll with ease, whether they are in-use or moving around the shop, due to strong, powerful bearings and a well-thought-out design that maintains a low center of gravity. Optional air evacuation helps transfer oil to a waste container and prepare your tank for the next job.

At Mechanic Outlet, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you and your crew with the best deals and our commitment to customer service is unwavering. Check out our awesome financing options to help you pay for the tools you need to get the job done!

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