Hose Reels

A mechanic shop without proper organizational tools will never reach its potential. Cluttered work spaces create additional stress for employees, which leads to higher turnover and inferior work. When you and your employees have to step over tangled hoses on the garage floor to get anywhere, it’s guaranteed to slow down the work. At worst, it could even be a safety hazard.

Keep your hoses tidy by shopping our selection of hose reels. We carry the most affordable hose reels from carefully selected brands you can trust. Look through our selection to find features like automatic rewinding, rollers to reduce wear on the rubber hose, and different mounting options. All of our manufacturers use extremely durable materials to make sure the equipment will last a long time. Some of our hose reels even come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

When you shop at Mechanic Outlet you get the best products on the market. You also get the best deals and fantastic customer service. You can contact us to bring up any questions or concerns about hose reels. We also offer attractive financing opportunities. Shop now!

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