Floor Jacks

With a garage floor jack, the chief concern for any real shop manager must be safety – safety for his mechanics, the customers’ equipment, and the business. A good floor jack saves time, yes, but it has to be reliable, rugged and ready to handle unexpected loads. We offer a wide selection of car jacks and free shipping on most products to make your selection process easier. Selecting the right floor jack begins with tonnage. Most shops prefer to have choices, from a light-duty 1.5-ton aluminum floor jack that ensures quick lifting in only four pumps (for smaller cars) to a 22-ton truck jack.

With increased capacity comes increased weight, which affects the speed and maneuverability of the floor jack. Many wise shop managers keep several floor jacks of different capacities at each service bay so no mechanic has to move too far to find the right jack for the job. Specialty jacks help mechanics make quick work of transmissions and axles. Look for axle jacks that provide low profiles for quick, sure placement beneath an axle or suspension. A nice feature to find in a transmission jack is a swiveling pump handle, so you can get the lift you need in any direction. If you have any questions about the products below, please feel free to reach out to our helpful support team.

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