Carts & Dollies

If you’re in need of a quality mechanic service cart we have the best selection online to choose from!

Carts, dollies and creepers can help save your body from painful lifting or contortions while giving you easy access to the right tools for the job at hand. Carts, from brands like Sunex, American Forge, and Jet Tools, make it easy to keep a sense of order – even in a chaotic shop. Dollies and stands can do the lifting that humans physically cannot. Creeper seats from Tail Bone, Dannmar and K Tool can help you and your techs move in and out of hard-to-reach places without dragging your back against a greasy shop floor. These rolling seats and sleds have exceptional bearings that ensure you can slide out from underneath a car with ease, and they can be purchased in topside and underside configurations to allow for multiple techs to work on one vehicle simultaneously.

At Mechanic Outlet, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you the best deals and our commitment to customer service is unwavering. Check out our awesome financing options to help you pay for the tools you need to get the job done!

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