Four Post Lift Accessories

Having a 4-Post car lift offers you a great deal of versatility, but there are times when an additional accessory can make all the difference. Our line of 4 post car lift accessories is meant to give you the choices you need to make all of your jobs quicker and easier. Accessories aren’t only to add stabilization for heavier loads or provide a replacement for the traditional forks, although we do provide various options in this regard. Our line of accessories includes:

  • Brackets and hooks – These allow you to help provide a measure of both stability and safety when lifting heavy vehicles.
  • Adaptor kits – These, along with our screw kits, offer you additional versatility when lifting less traditional vehicles such as motorcycles and lawnmowers. They eliminate the need for having to purchase a second lift for these tasks, and they help make transitions quicker, saving you time.
  • Drip Pans – You want to keep your work area as clean as possible, especially when working with flammable or slippery liquids. Drip pans can catch these liquids, providing you a safe, clean working area.
  • Heavier lifts – We also offer equipment that allows you to add the capacity to lift even heavier vehicles. This gives you the ability to expand your business.

Visit us today and discuss your needs with one of our trained representatives. We will gladly answer your questions and make suggestions to solve any issues you have been having with your current equipment. Financing is available to help you afford the accessories you need now. Don’t wait another day to get what you need to make your business more productive.

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