Specialty Lifts

Mechanic Outlet’s selection includes low-rise and mid-rise scissor lifts, portable lifts, and commercial capacity scissor lifts. Portable lifts are excellent for businesses that don’t need or have the room for permanent lifts. The scissor lift design makes for a strong piece of equipment, and the portability makes for the convenience of both use and storage. If a scissor lift isn’t what you are looking for, we also carry the Ideal Portable Single Post Lift MSC-6KLP to help with those heavier loads. Our low-rise lifts are excellent for working on lawnmowers and other vehicles of a smaller stature. They give you access to all sides, including the undercarriage, without forcing you to stretch and bend. The mid-rise lifts make changing the oil or working on brakes easier. Changing tires was never this easy. The best mechanics know you perform a better job when the parts you are working on are at eye level. Our low and mid-rise specialty lifts make this possible.

We have the best prices on low rise, movable, mid rise, & portable scissor car lifts. These speciality lifts will give your shop or home garage the flexibility to tackle any job that comes your way. Free shipping is available on most speciality auto lifts & we also offer 0% financing to qualified customers.Contact us today to see what we have to offer you in the way of specialty lifts. Whether you are an established garage or a hobbyist working out of your of own garage, we have the kind of lift that will make your life easier. Our knowledgeable representatives have the experience to answer your questions and direct you to the best options for your job.

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