In-Ground Car Lifts

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or love to work on your own vehicles, in-ground car lifts are an excellent way to improve the speed, quality, and versatility of your garage. Learn how these dynamic machines work, how you can use them effectively, and why Mechanic Outlet offers the best prices around.

In-ground Automotive Lifts Provide Convenience and Power

At its core, an in-ground car lift is simply a convenient way to lift your vehicle. This offers you a far safer and more convenient workspace. Most lifts use hydraulic pressure, but some feature compressed air.

Unlike a surface mounted lift, you’ll need less shop space to install an in-ground lift. It’s no secret that this style has been favored among commercial garages nationwide. Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with a high-quality in-ground lift:

  • Convenient size: Commercial models are not only compact but are designed to collapse into the ground to further limit the amount of workspace it takes up.
  • Powerful lift: Don’t let the compact nature of these powerhouses fool you. An in-ground lift is just as powerful as a bulkier, surface mounted option.
  • Durable design: These lifts are used by the pros for a good reason. In-ground lifts are durable and ready for daily use in all conditions.

With a premium lift and regular maintenance, in-ground car lifts can be incredibly efficient and effective. These lifts are a staple of commercial garages, so it’s a great investment if you need a new service bay.

Choose Your In Floor Car Lift

There are a surprisingly wide variety of lifts available for commercial and non-commercial use. If you’re looking for an industry standard that is reliable for a diverse range of cars and trucks, consider an in-ground lift.

A car lift can engage either the frame or the wheels. Choose from a two-post lift or a four-post lift for maximum convenience. Two-post lifts are able to take up less space and are more popular for in-ground models, particularly commercial applications.

Four-post lifts, on the other hand, typically engage the wheels and are used to help align the vehicle. For this reason, they are also known as alignment lifts.

In-Ground Hoists can Service a Wide Variety of Vehicles

One of the primary benefits of an in-ground car lift is the durability and strength of the design. Depending on the particular model you choose, these lifts can support nearly any vehicle you need to work on. Choose a two-post lift for compact cars and mid-sized vehicles, or invest in a larger, four-post lift for heavier vehicles. Be sure to check the weight restrictions on your particular lift before use.

Get the Best Deals at Mechanic Outlet

From large automotive shops to a well-equipped home garage, an in-ground lift is an excellent investment if you need a serious workspace for all your vehicle maintenance. Shop the latest brands and greatest deals with us, or contact us to learn more about how you can get started with a professional car lift. Keep your shop up-to-date and ready for any repair with Mechanic Outlet’s excellent range of tools.

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