4 Post Parking Lifts

Many enthusiasts throughout the years found themselves in the position of explaining to a spouse why the family’s main transportation had to sit exposed in the driveway or at the curb while there was a perfectly good garage right there. That isn’t an issue for today’s hobbyists, who have access to our varied selection of 4 post lifts. The Dannmar D-7 is our most popular model. This portable model sets up quickly in nearly any garage or shop and allows you to double your space, making room for your treasured vehicle while still keeping your daily one under cover. Purchasing the Dannmar D-7/X kit gives you added height and length.

The Triumph NSS-8 is a favorite among enthusiasts with cars, suv’s and light duty trucks. This four-post lift fits nicely in a larger garage and is perfect for someone who doesn’t need to access their restoration vehicle on a daily basis. The Triumph NSS-8XLT is both longer and higher. With the added lifting height making room for two trucks or suv’s if necessary. If you just need more height but not length, check out the BendPak HD-7P. For those who have a need for a smaller, wider and taller lift, the BendPak HD-7W may be what you are looking for. This lift has a capacity of 7000 pounds, includes a optional 110-volt power (220 volt standard) unit that works with the average household electrical system and has features that make operation easier. Our Triumph NOS9000XLT gives you added lifting capacity added length and height while still offering the personalization ability of the regular lift.

Finally, the BendPak HD-7P is the perfect four-post lift for those with minimal space. The space required is no more than the typical parking space and there is no need for any space-cluttering bases to keep your precious vehicle out of the way yet easily accessible.

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