2 Post Lifts


With over a hundred 2 post car lifts, to choose from in our inventory, you may be wondering which one of these is worth your money. So, whether you are a hobbyist or a mechanic—or both—here is the information you need to help you choose the right one.

What are 2 Post Car Lifts?

Also known as 2 post surface mounted lifts, these are the most common types of lifts you’ll come across in car shops across the United States, if not the world. They are ideal for lifting everything from compact cars to pickup trucks. Some are even specially graded for picking up U-Hauls and school bus shells.

Main Types of 2 Post Car Lifts

At Mechanic Outlet, we have three types of 2 post car lifts for sale: the symmetrical, asymmetrical, and versymmetrical lifts. All three types may also have an overhead lift function. Let’s take a look at each type to see how they differ from each other.

  • Symmetrical 2 Post Car Lift – Symmetrical lifts are relatively easy to spot because their surface mounted posts face each other directly. The support arms of this lift are of equal length, and therefore support an equal share of the load while lifting. These types of lifts are best for larger vehicles, such as commercial vehicles, trucks, and vans.
  • Asymmetrical 2 Post Car Lift – You can usually spot an asymmetrical 2 post car lift by the rotated post design and the swinging arms. You may also notice that the arms feature differing lengths in the front and back. One of the primary benefits of using an asymmetrical lift over asymmetrical lift is easier access to the doors of the vehicle for driver exit and entry. According to BendPak Lift, asymmetrical lifts are best suited for smaller and lighter passenger vehicles, such as cars, compact SUVs, and light trucks.
  • Versymmetrical 2 Post Car Lift – The third type of 2 post car lifts is simply a combination of the symmetrical and asymmetrical lifts. This gives the operator the option to use either of the two types of lift functions based on the size and weight of vehicles.

Benefits of 2 Post Car Lifts

  1. Their simplicity and versatility make them ideal for both amateur and professional levels of car repairs.
  2. They take up very little space compared to other types of lifts, which is essential for home garages or professional car shops in the city with limited space.
  3. 2 post car lifts provide easier access to the vehicle from any angle, compared to the scissors or four-post lift.
  4. They are most cost-effective than other types of lifts, without compromising on quality and versatility.

We understand that purchasing big-ticket items for your car repair work can be nerve-wracking. So, if you need immediate help selecting your 2 post car lift from the many we carry, please give us a call at 1-877-232-5611. Or, if you have queries related to our products, shipping policy, financing, or just general questions, please use our contact form here. We look forward to assisting you in selecting the best possible car lift to suit your needs.

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