2 Post Lifts

If your shop has limited space, or you're looking for a lift solution that can handle passenger cars up to full-sized pickups and more, 2 post car lifts offer an affordable solution that can take the day-to-day work load and stresses of a busy garage, or are the perfect choice for the home hobbyist who enjoys working on their classic car.

Mechanic Outlet we offer a wide selection of base plate and overhead 2 post lifts that range in height from 9' 2” to 16” tall. Lifting weights range from 9,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds.

Column configurations can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The arms on most lifts offer multiple positioning including: Super-Symmetric, Tru-Metric, Versymmetric configurations. By offering multiple configurations, these 2 post lifts offer service bays the opportunity to maximize their service capability and increase revenue potential. We carry all major brands of ALI-Certified car lifts, many with free shipping!

Here at Mechanic Outlet we understand that you demand the highest quality from your 2 post lifts that maximize shop efficiency and get the job done right and safely every time. That's why the lifts we sell deliver the superior performance you've come to expect.

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