Why A Portable Auto Lift Is a Good Investment

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Portable Auto Lift

Some auto repair situations require only a portion of the vehicle being lifted up to get clearance for removing and replacing parts.  Others require lifting the entire vehicle, a task that used to require a couple of floor jacks, several jacks stands, and a large degree of caution if you didn’t have a full-scale auto lift installed in your garage.  But with the advent of a portable auto lift, even the smallest garage can work with the same degree of freedom larger shops have.

Leveraged Space

First, it should be pointed out that “portable” is a relative term.  Most portable auto lifts can be moved around, even taken from place to place if the mechanic is keeping mobile.  But it’s not going to be as mobile as a floor jack or jack stands.  It will take more effort to move around and put into position, though a two-man team can get one setup fairly quickly.  Depending on the type of portable auto lift, they can take up minimal amounts of space in a truck or trailer if they’re loaded up correctly.  Also, you’ll need some means of supplying electricity or pneumatic pressure to the lift.

Functional Value

A portable auto lift sits in the space between tools and infrastructure.  As such, their costs reflect the unusual position they occupy.  Compared to installing the sort of lift one would find at a dealership’s service center, a portable auto lift is dirt cheap.  However, when compared to a floor jack, even one with a large lift capacity, the cost is usually more than what most small businesses keep on hand in petty cash for when they need to replace a tool.  Fortunately, Mechanic Outlet offers financing options which can help mechanics get the equipment they need to work without breaking the bank.

A Reliable Supplier

Mechanic Outlet works with professional garages of all sizes, from the small home-based businesses to established shops with large service bays.  We’re happy to provide the tools and equipment needed to keep the business running and help it to grow.  And with eleven locations across the US, we’re in a good position to get those tools to our customers in the shortest amount of time for the lowest possible cost.  We think that you’ll enjoy working with us for a long time to come, and we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with every order you put in.  Visit our web site or give us a call today.

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