Atlas Lift Review

Ask the manufacturers of Atlas products what their company philosophy is, and they tell you it is simple: To provide products that are the perfect combination of quality and price.

Atlas has quickly grown to be one of the most highly-respected names in the auto lift industry. You can be sure that the majority of high-capacity garages across the country have at least one Atlas lift available, primarily if the garage deals with vehicles like city trucks or vehicles of comparable size.
The majority of Atlas products are ALI certified, which shows that those who set the industry standards, recognize the high-quality of Atlas products.

Atlas 2 and 4 Post Lifts

Atlas offers a wide variety of two-post and four-post lifts. These lifts range from the standard size used for most automobiles to high-capacity lifts that are both extra tall and extra long.

The majority of these lifts are found in commercial settings, but many of the four-post lifts are easily adapted for the home hobbyist who wants the convenience of a lift in their home garage. Weight capacity ranges between 6,000 and 18,000 pounds.

Atlas Column Lifts

For those extra heavy jobs, Atlas has created battery-powered column lifts that can stand up to the task of securely lifting a vehicle between 66,000 and 74,000 pounds.

The lifts are designed with safety and convenience in mind. Garages that take their customer service seriously often make sure they have one of these on hand. These lifts allow garage owners to expand their service to include vehicles that a lot of garages can’t handle.

Atlas Scissor Lifts and Hydraulic Jacks

Sometimes you need to lift a vehicle off the ground, primarily when working on tires or brakes. Atlas has that need taken care. They offer a scissor lift that allows free access to wheels, making tire service quick and easy.

Atlas Lifts for Sale

At Mechanics Outlet, we commit to providing high-quality products at the lowest price possible. That is why we are proud to carry a wide selection of Atlas lifts and accessories.

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