How Does a Wheel Balancing Machine Work?

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Ever wonder how a wheel balancing machine works? A somewhat foreign concept to non-car enthusiasts, these units are absolutely crucial at a full-service shop. We, at Mechanic Outlet, are here to walk you through the basics of wheel balancing, and even share some good tips on when to do wheel balancing for the most efficient tire wear and MPG! Don’t forget to check out our amazing selection of wheel balancing machines and wheel balancer accessories.

Types of Wheel Balancing

There are many different ways to balance your wheels, but since the introduction of wheel balancing machines, that spin the tire on a spindle and cone for precise control, there are really only two major methods in use. The first is the Traditional Spin Balancing method, a huge step-up from some of the manual methods of the past. This machine uses the method described above to spin the tire at high-speeds and detect imbalances, indicating areas of concern for the machine’s operator. The other method – dubbed Road Force Balancing – uses advanced technology to detect wheel and tire surface imperfections and signal potential causes of road vibration.

how a wheel balancing machine works

When to Balance

Wheel balancing can extend the viable duration of your tires, but it’s not something you’ll want to do at every oil change necessarily. So when do you balance your wheels? Well, it’s generally recommended to bring your car in for an appointment on the wheel balancer at least once throughout the life of the tires, but it sometimes can be warranted more frequently. Most shops will balance when they rotate the tires, as it’s very possible that uneven or traditional wear has caused additional wheel balancing concerns.

Advanced Features

The mechanic industry didn’t settle when Road Force and Traditional Spin units were introduced and the technological nature of our society has bread further advancements that continually improve balancing accuracy and ease of use. Accessories for every kind of vehicle exist, allowing you to organize and improve your offerings to increase your return on investment. We proudly stock some of the most advanced units on the market, at Mechanic Outlet, and know you’ll be equally impressed. From touchscreen interfaces to laser-guided balancing weight placement, these units will further increase shop efficiency and reduce the time investment of training your mechanics on new machines.

We hope that you’ve learned something about balancing, whether you’re a curious driver or an experienced mechanic, we’ve got you covered at Mechanic Outlet. Contact us today for more information of these useful machines or for mechanic equipment financing. Be sure you don’t confuse our wheel balancing machines and alignment machines, as they serve different, equally important purposes. We’ve got a future blog lined up to go into more detail on how these machines differ!

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