How does a waste oil heater work?

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The winter months present a unique challenge for many shops as the cost to keep a busy shop sufficiently warm can seriously cut into your profits. This can often lead to a chilly shop or a grumpy shop owner, and here at Mechanic Outlet, we know that neither of those scenarios will lead to an efficient shop.

Thankfully, every garage has a way to tackle both of these issues, while solving a few extra – waste oil heaters. These units turn waste oil into a clean and efficient heat source.

We proudly stock waste oil heaters from LANAIR, and while we know that these will operate without issue, we also know mechanics like to know how things work. Let’s take a look at the process of taking waste oil and turning it into a functional tool for heating your shop.

Waste Oil to Heat

Oil leftover from everyday oil changes is traditionally stored in a waste oil tank that may or may not have an added filtration device. This waste oil needs to removed and hauled away under most circumstances, which can come with its own set of problems and costs.

As mentioned before, garages can be difficult to heat with doors open to allow for proper ventilation and access, so waste oil heaters were invented to deal with these two problems – a real two-birds-with-one-stone type of thing.

So How Does It Actually Work?

Waste oil is evacuated from the tank and drawn into the heating unit. It is then filtered through a washable filter that allows for easy upkeep. This filtered oil is then pumped to the unit’s burner for combustion. A fuel bypass control is in place to regulate the flow of fuel to the burner and allows you to increase or decrease the heat output for climate control. Oil is then pre-heated to the proper temperature before being atomized for burning.

LANAIR heaters, like the ones we stock at Mechanic Outlet, utilize a unique three-pass combustion process to produce a completely clean flame without lost efficiency. An internal fan then drives air over the heat exchanger to heat your entire garage. Any exhaust gases are safely vented outside.

Now that you know how these little miracle boxes operate, check out Mechanic Outlet’s great selection of LANAIR waste oil heaters – because you already know we have the best deals. Friendly customer service staff is on hand to answer any specific questions you may still have, and we have the best financing options to help you afford the unit you really want!

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