EPA back in 2009 performed a study that showed that 80% of all vehicles that were made from 2004-2010 had detectable leaks, discovered by the vehicles evaporative testing (EVAP). The test were very tedious as it ran the vehicles through a chamber and “hot soaked” and then sensors were used to detect any presence of fuel vapor, however with the price of these chambers being so hefty, we don’t recommend using them and doing it yourself.

OTC Tools 6525 Leakmaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester

Above picture is our OTC Tools 6525 Leakmaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester, https://mechanicoutlet.com/shop/shop-tools/otc-tools-6525-leakmaster-evaporative-emissions-system-tester/ and as we all know any leak detection device can be a very powerful tool, but if used improperly can lead to setbacks and missing parts needing to be replaced.

The process behind detecting for leaks is very time consuming, to test it you must think like the EVAP system. The instant that a hose is nudged or a disturbed connector then a leak could be caused or sealed. In the automotive world we like to think of it as one big crime scene and the leak detection device is your fingerprint duster.

There are many types of evaporative emissions testing systems such as the one below

OTC Tools Leak Tamer™ OTC6522 EVAP Testing System

as well as many others. It is imperative that you make sure you have the proper equipment and awareness to ensure that there are no issues that occur in which could be labeled “human error”. Check out the rest of ur equipment online or give us a call today for more information and make your EVAP leak diagnostics, easy, affordable, and safe!

REDLINE DETECTION LLC RDL95-0003B Smoke Pro Total Tech Diagnostic Leak Detector Kit

REDLINE DETECTION LLC RDL95-0051 Smoke Pro Air Complete Pneumatic Diagnostic Leak Detector