Double Garage Storage with an Auto Lift

Jan 22, 2017 | Auto Industry News | 0 comments

With the opening of the New Year, we here at Mechanic Outlet are very eager to share our ideas and thoughts with YOU! Recent news informs us that the Barret Jackson auction show for the year of 2017 is being held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Held at the notorious Westworld of Scottsdale, it is a massive venue and very great place to hold the auction. With a total area of approximately 300,000 sq. ft of space to present all types of great things such as the following:

  • Vehicle sales
  • Vehicle consignments
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Detailing and reconditioning services
  • Restoration system products
  • Apparel and merchandise
  • Barrett-Jackson endorsed insurance

With all these to offer we’re very excited to see what they have on display at the auction. If you were interested in checking things out click the link for a schedule of what time they’re doing things and what days they will be done (Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2017). The amount of automobilia as well as automobiles that they have for offer is crazy, with this many options at an auction I wouldn’t doubt that there is a car that suits everyone’s interests. Cars in immaculate shape and very appealing we will look at just a few that will be available.


With such extravagant cars on display and up for auction it is no wonder why the Barrett Jackson showcase has been around for 48 years now and gets national TV and live-streaming sponsorship. It is a great way for people to appreciate the age in cars and how far we have come since the very first automobile was put together back in 1886, when a man named Carl Benz designed the automobile below.

Unfortunately, the above car will not be on display or available for auction, but what a sight that would be. With all of the cars that are being distributed I’m sure you big car fanatics will need extra space and storage to keep your “babies” in pristine condition that way they may be enjoyed for years to come. For most car enthusiasts, (especially those whom are married or have a significant other) we understand the struggle of fighting for extra space to store your vehicles, most of the time being held to only allowed space in a corner in the backyard where men can get away and just be in their safe place, or even a garage that may be set up away from the home itself. For these types of dilemmas we would heavily recommend visiting our Online Shop and maneuvering yourself to the shop drop down menu and clicking on the 4 post lift category.