Concrete depth is crucial for a safe and properly functioning lift install. We want to show you how to check the depth of your concrete and make sure your lift install is safe.

    1. Using a hammer drill with at least an 8″ concrete/masonry bit, drill a hole through the concrete slab at the anchor point where the lift column is to be installed.


    1. Using a semi-rigid wire, bend one end 90 degrees and hook on the bottom of the slab.


    1. Mark the spot on the wire with your finger and measure from the bend to your finger then subtract the thickness of the lift base plate.


    1. If the concrete is not a minimum of 4″ for a standard 2-post lift you will need to install a footing at that location according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


*This information is based on a standard 2-post lift install. Larger lifts may require thicker footings so please contact us for more information:


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