Triumph Car Lifts

Whatever the task at hand, the Triumph brand auto lift can make it easier, safer, and more efficient. Triumph has made it their goal to design high-quality and dependable lifts for both commercial and personal garages.

Whether it’s a two or four-post lift, Triumph has what you need to help you get your vehicles serviced and back on the road.

Triumph Two-Post Lifts

Triumph two-post lifts can accommodate anywhere between 9,000 and 15,000 pounds max, giving you the opportunity to work on both cars and light trucks.

Commercial garages can benefit significantly from using two-post lifts because of the variety of vehicles they work on throughout the day. Not only versatile and durable, Triumph two post auto lifts offer the capability of lifting a vehicle over another, providing extra space and storage capabilities.

Four-Post Triumph Lifts

Four post lifts are a staple in high-work environments due to their storage capabilities and durability. Triumph 4-post storage lifts are designed to hold 8,000 pounds safely.

These make positioning vehicles easily with their drive-on style. Furthermore, without the need to permanently ground the lifts, the flexibility to adjust your garage layout is convenient and essential.

Triumph Portable Lifts

Triumphs two-post portable lifts can securely hold up to 7,000 pounds. The quality provided by these lifts is surprising to many but merely the norm for Triumph. Portable lifts don’t often get the amount of use that regular lifts get, but you can count on them being both safe and dependable when you need them. Some benefits include:

  • Portable lifts don’t require a lot of maintenance and their spare parts are easily obtainable in the market
  • Portable lifts take less money to operate in comparison to permanent lifts
  • Portable lifts are just that, portable. You can use them anywhere you need (i.e., a car repair on the side of the road)

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