Sunex Shop Tools

For over 40 years mechanics have reached for their reliable Sunex shop tools. With a reputation of dependability and guaranteed performance, Sunex Tools has built products that hold up in both commercial and industrial settings. Through our shared commitment to value, performance, and customer service, we are proud to offer a wide range of Sunex tools and products, from socket sets to utility carts to heavy-duty jacks.

Sunex Carts

Sunex utility carts come in a variety of sizes and colors, but they uniformly have more space than you would initially expect. With maneuverable wheels and built-in accessories like a locked-in screwdriver holder, foldable side workbench, and leg extensions. Regardless of the size of your work area, Sunex has a cart that will fit your space:

  • Four drawer unit (in red, blue, or black)
  • Five drawer unit (in red or black)
  • Lockable two drawer unit (in black)
  • Sliding top utility cart with two drawers (in black or red)

These rugged carts will hold up to daily life in a garage or workspace. They are capable of holding between 450 to 500 pounds, you’ll find that they are able to take a beating while still performing day in and day out.

Sunex Socket Sets

Sunex makes their socket sets using chrome molybdenum alloy steel, an alloy known for its strength and ability to hold up under impact and stress. At Mechanic Outlet, we carry three sets from Sunex:

  • Impact Socket Set SAE 29 Piece ¾ inch Drive 6 Point
  • Impact Socket Set SAE 17 Piece ¾ inch Drive 6 Point
  • SAE Deep Impact Socket Set 21 Piece 1-inch Drive 6 Point

All three sets offer toughness, durability, and reliability and include every socket size you’d need. You’ll also get the grip handle and wheel kit with each kit for added comfort and control. When it comes to quality, versatility, and ease, these socket sets are tough to beat.

Sunex Jacks

If you’re in need of a new jack, Sunex’s product line includes ones with up to a five-ton capacity. Crafted with stability in mind, the jacks place a premium on safety and leak prevention due to the addition of overload and bypass safety valves. If your workspace requires a low-profile jack or a heavy duty one, Sunex has also got you covered.

For More Info

Contact us if you’re ready to add some reliable mechanic shop equipment to your garage or workshop. We’ll be prepared to answer any sales or financing inquiries, as well as provide additional information about our entire product offerings.

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