Mechanic Outlet is your destination for Standard paint booths and accessories, with a wide selection and great prices on auto body equipment. Standard booths come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured with the highest quality materials, meaning they’re built to last.

Automotive Paint Booths

Applying a pristine coat of paint requires the perfect environment. Without proper air filtration, contaminants like bugs or dust can end up sealed in a vehicle’s paint. Without proper adherence to OSHA regulations over factors like ventilation and wiring, spraying areas can become a fire or health hazard. A painting booth provides a clean, safe area for this detail-oriented work.

Standard paint booths come in a variety of different designs, such as:

  • Cross-flow: This booth has drive-in doors with built-in filters to draw in fresh air.
  • Reserve Flow Semi Downdraft: Rather than having filters in the drive-in doors, this booth uses filters set in the ceiling. Fresh air is drawn through the filters down into the spray area.
  • Downdraft: Similar to the Semi Downdraft, a paint booth with this design brings in fresh air through ceiling filters and exhausts along the bottom of the side walls.

These paint booths can also be designed with heating or fire suppression. Other booths available for purchase are sanding or finishing booths with the same filtration and ventilation systems, but custom-made for additional treatment needs.

Paint Booth Accessories

If your paint booth is in need of some upgrades, Mechanic Outlet offers many accessories to repair or improve your equipment, including:

We know that delivering excellent service requires first-rate equipment, which is why you can count on superior quality and affordable prices when you purchase replacement parts. Invest in your machine to keep it running for years to come.

Equipment Financing

Purchasing needed equipment can tie up capital, which may make operation difficult for small businesses. Instead of investing a large amount all at once, take advantage of Mechanic Outlet’s tool financing. You can set a timetable that fits your company’s needs with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months, and experience the benefits of your new equipment while paying down your balance. Apply online to learn if you qualify for financing.


If you’re looking for equipment for your auto repair shop, Mechanic Outlet has deals that can’t be beaten. We believe in offering high-quality products at great prices, and we pride ourselves in putting customer service first. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to place an order.


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